AC Milan vs Arsenal – 2012 Trailer – HD

Video Score: four / 5

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25 Responses to AC Milan vs Arsenal – 2012 Trailer – HD

  1. mrsocrates2211 says:

    ASSenal what? Did they ever win a trophy?when?lol fckin stupid ASSenal with stupid wenger

  2. Avengerboy23 says:

    Gooooo gunnerssss ..
    .Take em’ DOWN™

  3. xxpatoxx7 says:

    tu dovresti lavorare per milan channel

  4. kamil pieniek says:

    arsenal power najlepszy

  5. 860blake says:

    si gli faccio tutti io 😀

  6. ExplosiveKeg says:

    ma il fai tu?
    sei un grande!

  7. ala addine says:

    Forza milan

  8. patoibrarobianto says:

    adesso lo vedo e mi iscrivo 🙂

  9. 860blake says:

    grazie se ti e piacuto guarda quello di milan vs barcellona..

  10. patoibrarobianto says:


  11. dan16000 says:

    just lucky one offside goal and one penalty with no foul it was 2-0

  12. kurt95ful says:

    buahahah i knowbut i think em1b20vtec89 dont xDD

  13. linminop says:


  14. kurt95ful says:

    who passed?

  15. em1b20vtec89 says:

    Sorry Milan fans, arsenal is walking all over you guys and leaving shoe prints all over your face, today’s score is milan 4 and arsenal 5…fuck you milan!!!!

  16. Shaccol says:

    Forza MILAN!!!

  17. partikelfilter says:

    1:53 awesome goal from boateng

  18. Marchetto1991 says:

    4-0!!!! GO HOME! FORZA MILAN!

  19. BobertRowling says:


  20. AunZaify1 says:

    Hope 4-0 Again
    Pray for Arsenal !

  21. RodiEastwood says:

    really excellent work!!

  22. Arsenal4ever0912 says:


  23. mrJownAss says:

    If they play like this the whole tournament they will probably win!

  24. ZEVERify says:


  25. abhishekk341 says:

    great video

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