Arsenal – 2011/12 – Premier League Compilation – HD

Video Score: four / 5

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19 Responses to Arsenal – 2011/12 – Premier League Compilation – HD

  1. xHerthaBSCx says:

    watched it the 13th or 14th time and it is still not boring, love this vid ♥

  2. Itegie says:


  3. mohamed mohamed says:

    tear in the eye …

    AFC – Keep The Faith

  4. AFCxSKiiLZx says:

    Song title in the description, as always.

  5. Moubarak Ayouwa says:

    whats the name of this song

  6. arsenal12381 says:

    1 person is a tottenham supporter.
    AFC love you.

  7. TheGunneryGooner says:

    Just don’t like it haha, worked really well for the video though 🙂

  8. MightyArsenal69 says:

    1 dislike from harry redknapp

  9. MightyArsenal69 says:

    i love this song

  10. AFCxSKiiLZx says:

    What was wrong with the song? I thought it fit well with the season overall.

  11. TheGunneryGooner says:

    Not sure about the song choice 😉 But amazing video mate, as per 🙂

  12. KAvenged says:

    holyshit arsenal + boyce avenue

    love it.

  13. ballinstIDGS says:


  14. PeterLeNigerian says:


    Right after RVP’s goal vs Liverpool when you cut it off, I thought “He could’ve ended it better.”

    Then it snapped to everyone throwing Pat Rice in the air and then I was like. “He did it end it better.”


  15. GoonerJuan says:

    You’re welcome.

  16. maestroEpIX99 says:

    Btw, I can’t wait for your next comp!

  17. maestroEpIX99 says:

    Awesome video, and welcome back! Love the music, considering the fact its the same song I uses on my Kos vid. lol

  18. MrWilde6 says:

    Great video :)

  19. AS37Gooner says:

    2 words – Welcome back!:)
    Brilliant return my friend, like Thierry’s;)
    Fantastic song choice, love Boyce Avenue

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