Arsenal 3-0 AC Milan – Laurent Koscielny Interview – 6th March 2012 – [HQ]

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24 Responses to Arsenal 3-0 AC Milan – Laurent Koscielny Interview – 6th March 2012 – [HQ]

  1. swaaaaaaggie says:


  2. Tarateesh says:

    I believe at the moment Koscielny is a better denfender then Vermaelin. Tommy V has made too many mistakes which cost us.

  3. sodiumwaste says:

    no doubt about that. what about mertesacker? do u think that hes better than vermaelen?

  4. MsCaptainWaffle says:

    Look at the description: Laurent Koscielny says Arsenal with now focus on the Premier League after losing to AC Milan… Arsenal 3-0 AC Milan LOL

  5. Blizzard59 says:

    “Everyone are Dead” Ahh Bless your heart Koscielny <3

  6. Dench Man says:

    Dench! Best Defender 

  7. LimeyThunder says:

    Hugely better, best defender in the BPL bar none

  8. nevermore923 says:

    in my opinion he is currently the best different in the EPL, i have said many times he is underrated defender and i feel sorry for him. maybe cuz he came from french league 1 to the EPL and didn’t perform well in his first year, but now he adapted and the cover got removed with what he is capable. i feel safe when he plays

  9. Darek Stifler says:


  10. SaminSifat says:

    @metalhead4985 Forget @ShinTec9 , hes probably a 9 year old.

    Class is permanent.

  11. Lawson Machado says:

    after the match, van bommel conceded that milan were outclassed by what you are calling a “shit team”.so ac milan players consider themselves fortunate to go through and u say that milan let arsenal win. good joke. congratulations & best wishes to ac milan from an arsenal fan.

  12. tenseman08 says:

    just throwing a thought out there: Koscielny has become better than vermaelen..

  13. dgkallday9 says:

    sounds just like wenger lol

  14. ShinTec9 says:


  15. runescapeFAification says:

    arsenal played so well at the first half even to well and they were very tired at the 2nd half ac milan underestimated arsenal and they almost lost the game v.persie had a great opertunity to score but he was to sloppy at that moment but what ever still love him 🙂

  16. Anonim Gracz says:

    arszawin not play 🙁

  17. lRAF99 says:

    We gave our all last night even tho we won it just wasn’t enough to go through to the next round but boy did we go out with a bang people will always remember not us losing on agree get but us giving an amazing performance  I’m proud to be an arsenal fan and now we know our potential I can really see us wearing silver wear next season

  18. Chevez Avina says:

    If Arshavin went in……. 6-0 all day 🙂

  19. mickyvanpersie says:


  20. MrPetermurphy says:

    arsenal 3 - 4 Milan

  21. belami66 says:


  22. MrJohndory111 says:

    top man kos

  23. Adolfo Ortega says:

    despite being eliminated…. arsenal had a gloriuos performance…. they died on their feet.



  24. cloudst67 says:


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