Arsenal FC 2012/2013

Online video Score: 4 / five

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  1. Arun Krishnan says:

    You made a video of RVP last time he did well,now it’s Arsenal so hopefully we do well this season COYG!!

  2. MultiplicationX says:

    Hopefully! :D

  3. SUPERTRON96 says:

    Arsenal will win the FA cup and will do well in the premiere league .

  4. MultiplicationX says:

    What about him? :S

  5. Muhammad Junaid says:


  6. MultiplicationX says:

    Heck yea :D

  7. Mattsfridge says:

    Let’s win this time 🙂

  8. MultiplicationX says:

    😀 I enjoyed making that part a lot. Thanks for watching and I am glad you enjoyed! 🙂

  9. TheDave2727 says:

    00:59 <3

  10. MultiplicationX says:


  11. Valetudokravmaga says:

    giroud every french player Wenger has brought to Arsenal he has made them great players(Henry,pires,koscielny,sagna,nasri,clichy) and believe me he is talent he will do the job as a ST and rosicky was such a beast this year the best moment of his career but are problem was on the wings the ox this year will participate more much more walcott has improved so i think we have got a team to compete with city united easily and compete with any team we have got a great strong defense to 🙂

  12. Valetudokravmaga says:

    last year and a fiew years ago persie wasnt any ware near as good as this season, and this season we did not have anything :S the ox wasnt ready wilshere injured gervinho was shit walcott the first half of the season he was not good enough and this year we have got wilshere back and he is amazing i dont think he will take long on beeing what he was last season and of course posoldki he has lot of experience Wenger will know how to use him giroud

  13. MultiplicationX says:


  14. gUnNeRs4liFe2k10 says:

    Of course my freind 🙂
    Seeing Wilshire crying changed the tone dramatically for me.
    An exciting but reminding video of a truly incredible football club ! 🙂

  15. MultiplicationX says:

    Thank you so much man, one of my favourite comments <3 And yes, I enjoyed making the video, the Carling Cup moment especially hurt me 🙁 But high hopes for the new season!

  16. gUnNeRs4liFe2k10 says:

    Brought a tear to my eye, through happiness and sadness, Gooner for life.
    Amazing video by the way mate

  17. MultiplicationX says:

    Thank you very much for the kind words! And yes I agree, really looking forward to the following season 😀

  18. Valetudokravmaga says:

    great video man i think we will win something dont worry about persie ,havent seen so many talents at arsenal together since a long time

  19. MultiplicationX says:

    I do have faith, but its a shame losing such a big player…

  20. Sunybg says:

    Dude… keep the faith alive, glory will come. I trust Giroud and Podolski, they are both young and exeptionaly talanted. They can replace Van Persie :). NO ONE IS BIGGER THEN ARSENAL !!! WE LOVE YOU ARSENAL WE DO , WE LOVE YOU ARSENAL WE DO !!! OH ARSENAL WE LOVE YOU !

  21. MultiplicationX says:

    UPDATE: Van Persie is leaving Arsenal as announced today 🙁 Looks like Giroud and Podolski will have to live up to his missing quality unless Wenger actually spends more money on a world class striker which is incredibly unlikely considering Wenger’s past transfer plans and current ones. So upset about this at the very moment…

  22. MultiplicationX says:

    Thank you very much sir! Means a lot 🙂

  23. omar4477233 says:

    great video :D

  24. MultiplicationX says:


  25. MrHussaria says:

    Arsenal through thick and thin. 

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