Arsenal FC – Season Review 2011/12 | HD

Video clip Score: four / five

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25 Responses to Arsenal FC – Season Review 2011/12 | HD

  1. Chonkata1 says:

    It was an emotional season. Sure it shortened my life with 5 years but that’s football.

  2. rkoruleswwe123 says:

    Thanks a lot! =D

  3. baria87 says:

    I miss guys like Berkamp, Wiltord, Freddie, Sol Campbell, Parlour,Pires,Vieira and THE KING HENRY not this dutch Asshole

  4. MrHenners2908 says:

    Great vid mate!

  5. MegaFifaGamerHD says:

    Loved it as a goner amazing bye rvp once a hero now a zero but hello podolski!!!

  6. UprisingFX says:

    LOL oh my god i never thought i would read such a butthurt comment like that LOOOL

  7. arseneelesmostwanted says:

    for all of you missing Van Persie, the king once said “we are not a one man team” and this club ARSENAL FC is a symbol for class, power, youth, ambition and everything else we respect so much in our lives that creates a legacy that gives us the honour to enjoy the beauty of life

  8. MrJaipal24 says:

    took the words right out of my mouth

  9. Laners296 says:

    Van Persie, nos has abandonado. Pero siempre tirará el Arsenal FC adelante, pase lo que pase.

  10. FCJaviMartinezBayern says:

    I’m a Arsenal Fan, too!

  11. FCJaviMartinezBayern says:


  12. mathinhof00tb411 says:

    Nice video, guys if you like football, check out my channel!

  13. dennis91022 says:

    i mean like you also lost clichy,nasri, fabregas, song, and now him over the years you should have seen it comming lol sorry if my spelling i horrible 🙂

  14. UNc3ns0r3d says:

    Served them well. Served them well. What a steaming pile of shit. He averaged 11 appearences a season through injuries, the club stuck by, kept faith MADE HIM A WORLD CLASS PLAYER. He threw it all back in their face. He is a cunt, there is no argument, a truly disloyal, horrible human being who’s just another mercenary.

  15. zork5011 says:

    Tottenham are above us, I guess we just have to accept that we are shit team :/

  16. iraqpride says:

    shut up, van persie served arsenal well, nowhere it says that a player needs to spend his whole career at one club. van persie is a top player and he done so much for arsenal and yet all fans are just hating on him for leaving

  17. ARSENAL4Scum1 says:

    top comment mate 😀


  18. Primera95Espada says:

    Am I the only one who still loves RVP for what he did 4 us?

  19. yang zixiang says:

    what a season it was

  20. SafiMaestro13 says:

    Ludovico Einaudi – Primavera

  21. Prakasit Kiatinimitra says:

    Nice VDO
    Thank you

  22. rumsky1987 says:

    this gives me goosebumps ARSENAL F.C Always and untill the end of time 😀

  23. frozernex says:

    the very precious tackle by gibbs

  24. Ba Vuong Trinh says:

    fuck wellbeck

  25. ClarksonNo1 says:

    forehead all the way

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