Arsenal Football Clubs Robin Van Persie Interview

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25 Responses to Arsenal Football Clubs Robin Van Persie Interview

  1. MorningSanFrancisco says:


  2. Pwnbeertje043 says:

    robin v persie isnt a muslim…

  3. oDEVILoHUNTERo says:

    welcome to MAN UTD (RVP) <3<3<3<3<3

  4. MrSahid47 says:

    Most best players are muslims

  5. cudizone7 says:

    No single player is bigger than the club, dumbass

  6. DiLuxuriouz says:

    he married a muslim woman, bouchra van persie, so he became a muslim as well, as far as I know. and I know a lot of Dutch muslims so make that 98% please.

  7. vvhebes1 says:

    just to make it clear.. HE ISN’T A MUSLIM. He’s Dutch and 99% of Dutch people aren’t muslim

  8. redzuanlolaloa says:

    If he is muslim? Then whats wrong with tht..

  9. NickGoodNick says:


  10. Faisal Alzaini says:

    at arsenal? hes the best player in the whole premier league now.

  11. ldnkid says:

    simply not true.

  12. ldnkid says:

    well said

  13. ldnkid says:

    Favourite player ever.

  14. QuicKIScope says:

    most stupid statement i ever heard. its like saying without rooney scoring goals man united is nothing, without messi scoring goals barcerlona is nothing and without ronaldo for real madrid real madrid will be nothing. We deliver to RVP and he finishes!

  15. TheIhatekatyperry says:

    Hes fit as fuck 🙂 xx

  16. appledoggg10 says:

    DAMN HES HOT lol n awh hes so sweet he coverted for his wife <3

  17. lochawer1 says:

    you have fundamentally no idea what you are talking about.

  18. uzzzii894 says:

    He is the best football player at arsenal now 😛

  19. streethunter4 says:

    i always say that 2 my younger brother

  20. mccumiskey87 says:

    fantastic footballer & always seems to come across as a nice guy in interviews.

  21. ilovegrangehill says:

    his book said hes not muslim?

  22. harrisontan says:

    He actually denied this in an interview on the Arsenal Player

  23. UTUBERUSER91 says:

    Yes he is, he converted in order to marry his wife

  24. shellycoolia says:

    does he have a tongue..

  25. TheShamil1997 says:

    i live in holland and ive heard that he converted to muslim is that true?

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