Arsenal Ink: Theo Walcott

Movie Ranking: four / 5

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25 Responses to Arsenal Ink: Theo Walcott

  1. Rooble10 says:

    We miss you Theo :(

  2. Aaron Ramessi says:

    upload “the chat” with ox and jenko please!! its too funny

  3. MicStarTV says:

    No wonder he’s so fast he’s running from goblins and dragons.

  4. ARAM RECON says:

    “Sick and hallucinating dragons” I don’t know, something there seems fishy.
    **Cough* drugs *cough** I keed I love Theo!

  5. Aomine says:

    And he smoothly avoids talking about that naked lady on his arm.

  6. Robin Antonsen says:

    2:07 What happend between his arm and shoulder? :O 

  7. Charles Gallant says:

    Strength should be sister

  8. Anshul Flo says:

    LOOL a barcode

  9. Jonathan Sam says:

    Do an inside Arsenal video! Like €ity

  10. Björn Blucks says:

    Never knew Theo loved goblins so much, lol. He’s gonna be covered in them
    by the time he’s 30. What’s your next tat Theo? “Ah, just another goblin,
    covered in ivy and more goblins”.

  11. Georgie S says:

    ‘I just…I love dragons’

  12. Isak Ryden says:

    Please start tunnel cam during home matches like Man city’s channel!

  13. Khaliyl Hanson says:

    Bloody heck theo goblins loool

  14. Lin Hdz says:

    Love Theo. 

  15. MiiloTV says:

    Get well soon Theo! 

  16. Callum Moore says:

    Tunnel cam videos would be amazing!

  17. Carlitos Way says:

    Imagine the speed of alexis sanchez and theo walcott

  18. zkz Craft says:

    Poland :D

  19. Luke Cuschieri says:

    I’ve never been

  20. Tania Yasmine says:

    you know theo is the best talker than any player haha

  21. Ethan Thompson says:

    Go Arsenal

  22. Miles Kotey says:

    Great guy, get well soon!

  23. Kyle Christiansen says:

    was get a barcode lol…welp just fill er’ in wit somthing

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