Arsenal: Kickabout at Grand Central Station

Video Rating: 4 / five

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25 Responses to Arsenal: Kickabout at Grand Central Station

  1. ele anya says:

    unacceptable we lost my in mls really. We need a fucking striker, fuck
    Fernando Torres is better than the guy we have. We need a player like
    Benzema all super Mario

  2. Muh Jking says:

    When does the game starts?

  3. Jaref says:

    Heh, read the title as “Kicked out of Grand Central Station” at first, got
    worried there for a second :)

  4. LrsLzk says:

    That was worth making a video out of.

  5. Matty Aboukhater says:

    why do u post only one goal why not the whole thing

  6. taylor hawkins says:

    Was that Thierry Henry as the referee?

  7. rhys lavill says:

    Will the game be on Arsenal player tonight ? 

  8. Aint Gota Kalou says:

    Cazorla Far Left 0:45 ? Aha

  9. Elvis Meta says:

    I was one of the players saying “Arsenal”

  10. STOBO100 says:

    I can’t wait for the new season to kick off. All the hype about boring
    arsenal wining the title has started already

  11. jimyuriky1 says:

    Heennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Y_Y

  12. pitak pichaiket says:

    Like you. Asenal team

  13. JOE KYLE says:

    do a Belfast tour next season please!

  14. Hamdi Sahraoui says:


  15. J J says:

    It’s a disgrace that all these videos are roughly a minute long. The
    Arsenal website and videos are terrible in terms of length and quality,
    especially compared to the majority of other teams, considering how big a
    club we are. NOT IMPRESSED.

  16. danny ahmed says:

    0:6 wtf??? hahhahahhaha

  17. Archi T says:

    Looks like we’re definitely playing with the big boys when it comes to
    marketing and brand awareness….fair play Gazidis & co. Back at the top
    where we belong #classispermanent 

  18. Andrés Torres says:

    the full match?

  19. AGER says:

    Would be a shame if one of the kicks hand balled it and scored (JOKE)

  20. yuireave says:

    upload the full version instead 

  21. Barry Funk says:
  22. Syafiq Anuar says:

    please tell me what song is this

  23. Kevszz COG says:

    Make The Videos Longer FFS

  24. Michael Lawson says:

    Glad Arsene chose to rest Diaby during this knock-around.

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