Cesc Fabregas – Coming Home?

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25 Responses to Cesc Fabregas – Coming Home?

  1. AS37Gooner says:

    I have a Joel Campbell video anyway…

  2. UNc3ns0r3d says:

    I hate him, because I loved him.

  3. sammytsang says:

    Mikel Arteta, Santi Cazorla and Cesc Fabregas in one team

  4. AS37Gooner says:

    Is that fact or opinion?

  5. hamzahramli80 says:

    Fabregas will visit arsenal to play for sometimes but not transfer just like henry

  6. JordanAFC93 says:

    One of the few ex-players i would take back in a heart-beat!

  7. AS37Gooner says:

    Looks like that could be a possibility. He is not happy at the playing time he’s receiving at Barca under their new manager, and has said that the only other club he would ever be interested in playing for is Arsenal. And considering we have first option to buy him back (As part of the original transfer) I wouldn’t rule it out.

  8. 321callumcoolz says:

    cesc maybe on is way back to arsenal1

  9. betogess says:

    Also campbell!

  10. AS37Gooner says:

    Thanks, will do.

  11. ghm107 says:

    I hope he comes back to the Premier League, it feels empty without him — Chelsea Fan.

  12. Dirtydozeen says:

    I love how you put together all the emotional moments in each video. Keep them coming.

  13. yashsd9 says:

    Always welcome at Arsenal !

  14. TheKieronStapleton says:

    Wow, this is a really good video, could have done with being a bit longer but still, great work!
    You’re choice of clips and editing is really good, keep up the good work!

  15. bowlocheerios97 says:

    I cried when he left. I miss him so much.

  16. KickUpStudios1 says:

    great video man keep up the good work!

  17. TheVerminator23 says:

    Oh I miss him

  18. GoonerJuan says:

    Quality compilation, mate. Short video but still a nice work!
    I miss Francesc. I will never understand why some Arsenal fans call him a traitor. He spent eight years at Arsenal, three of them as captain. He has always been loyal guy. There were many valid reasons why he wanted the move. Once a Gunner, always a Gunner!

  19. UNc3ns0r3d says:

    Anelka well and truly flopped at Madrid, came back to England and scored a few goals here and there and won a couple of titles as a bit part player at Chelsea. He never was better than when he was at Arsenal. Only Overmars and Henry have ever maintained their class post Arsenal in the Wenger era.

  20. OurCivilizationFalls says:

    Yes, getting beaten by a Chelsea that hasnt really impressed in the Premier League this season feels quite bad. But I wouldnt say it’s their downfall yet considering that they came as long as to the semi-finals. Let’s wait and see the next season: P

  21. ClimaxGames says:

    where do.u get ur vids

  22. ClimaxGames says:

    Bittersweet video. Missed him dearly at Arsenal. We all knew he was gonna leave some day. Forever a gunner in our hearts.

  23. Blarghenification says:


  24. StrangeDrumCovers says:

    I loved that goal straight after the kick off against tottenham 😀 Great video again m8!

  25. AS37Gooner says:

    I did one on my old channel dude, but then that got deleted and i deleted the video file :'(

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