Dennis Bergkamp – All 120 Goals

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24 Responses to Dennis Bergkamp – All 120 Goals

  1. simolui says:

    i love this plaeyer but hey he was just good @ Arsenal after that for holland and champions league never really delivered…. and lets not mention is time at Inter Milan where at that time in serie A the were the best diffenders, he never ever delivered…. therefore great player yes but to be with the gods( Van Basten, Cruyft, Maradona, Baggio, Zidane, Pele’, Ronaldinho, brazilian Ronaldo you gotta do better….).

  2. ArtemMr1 says:

    goal 94 ♥♥♥ 7:55

  3. Oscar Hinojosa Salazar says:

    minuto 7:35 que genio!

  4. Manerkire says:

    Bergkamp knew finesse shot was OP before Fifa players

  5. CaspianVll says:

    No 94 – The Bergkamp Turn ^^

  6. Neptun359 says:

    He will return in Arsenal as manager one day 😉

  7. Alonso Gavidia says:

    he made scoring a goal look so easy! I wish legends like this could come back… :/

  8. angelo1087 says:


  9. panosk7 says:

    goal number 94 is the best goal in the premier league ever !

  10. Wharrrrrgarbl says:

    Agreed. I find deciding between Dennis and Thierry impossible. They’re both pretty much the two most entertaining footballers ever.

  11. rokkardoLA says:

    indeed one of the best 10 in Europe.

  12. andyrew007 says:

    Such a legend, just pure class.

  13. douglasripel says:

    Bergkamp scored 22 goals in the 1997/98 season.

  14. leonardsandy says:

    goal number 94 totally awesome

  15. eXodusVV says:

    The greatest true number 10 ever.

  16. josevanreyes says:

    Bergkamp couldn’t even score 20+ goals in one season for Arsenal in 10 years. Pretty overrated

  17. kenath071 says:

    The greatest technician the premiere league has seen.

    Will also be the next arsenal manager.

  18. Vildanisch says:

    Ibrahimovic > Messi, ronaldo, rooney, van persie, aguero, tevez, cavani, falcao all together

  19. Hak Ben says:


  20. NeymarVanPersie12 says:

    Thanks 4 d memories!

  21. jbdb751 says:

    A beautiful video to honour Mr Dennis Genius Legend Bergkamp. he makes it all look so easy. DB10! What a player he IS. thanks for the video. i enjoy it every time.

  22. huded says:

    He did turn down a coaching roll at arsenal, maybe sour grapes on behalf of the arsenal board, IDK. Good question though.

  23. huded says:

    Brought a tear to my eye. memories, thanks uploader.

  24. ngana31 says:

    Missed the ol day when a good player is not a money grabbing whore

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