FC Barcelona Infantil A vs Arsenal Sub14 | FCBMasia.com

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10 Responses to FC Barcelona Infantil A vs Arsenal Sub14 | FCBMasia.com

  1. nano11alexischile says:

    He’s black…

  2. catha86 says:

    how are you friends with them? talking with them once doesn’t mean you are friends with them.

  3. Andrew5843 says:

    lol, You sir? failed attempt at trieng to sound clever.

  4. TheCovkid101 says:

    You sir, are a retard…

  5. ajj886 says:

    @AirTVFutbol was wondering if you plan to make any videos on sergi samper. I’m an arsenal fan but heard he is some talent though i cant find any videos on him.

  6. ForcaFCBarcelona says:

    There’s 17 spanish players in the Infantil-A team, 4 foreigners.

  7. Andrew5843 says:

    I guess the days of there being spanish players in the barcelona acadamy are gone, Every one of those players looked foreign.

  8. rcmanization says:

    haha how is 1-1 NOT offside? dude’s standing on the goal line when he gets the pass. Btw, is that Almunia’s son in goal?

  9. TheBigShel says:

    LOL I had to watch that twice to see what you were talking about.

  10. qazqazqazwertyuiopqa says:

    1:39 Somebody has a rash…

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