First Emirates Stadium match – Arsenal v Shrewsbury Town

Video Ranking: 5 / five

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25 Responses to First Emirates Stadium match – Arsenal v Shrewsbury Town

  1. jbs7239 says:

    ya fat van persie. trader.

  2. brrailman says:

    Wonder of you, elvis presley.

  3. Stoney737 says:

    Very well. If that is the case, I should get my head out of the gutter 😉

  4. TheBunnyKnowsBest says:

    i didn’t mean gay as in homosexual, i meant gay as in happy!

  5. Stoney737 says:

    Please don’t see this as I’m belittling you, but thanks for apologizing. I don’t mind your comment, as I agree it was cheesey. I was hoping to maybe gain a laugh from the part where I had nothing to say and just started with “Yep!”

    I appreciate your apology as a lot of trolls on the net would do just that… troll! But there’s no real need to apologize as we’re all entitled to our opinion 🙂

  6. TheBunnyKnowsBest says:

    oh cool, im sorry for the inappropriate comment :'(

  7. Stoney737 says:

    I gave it a go, but I’m not that interesting and don’t want to prance around all day and everyday needlessly. Therefore, if I feel like making a video, or have something that might be remotely interesting to others, I make a video 😉

  8. TheBunnyKnowsBest says:

    are you a vlogger?

  9. Stoney737 says:

    Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  10. TheBunnyKnowsBest says:

    gay intro

  11. Stoney737 says:

    Lol, thanks!

  12. geraldmcboing60 says:

    Hey dude, you have nice glasses 😀

  13. iiRAZZERii says:

    i went down there expecting us to get hammered by 5 or 6 at arsenal away but we actually deserved something from it

  14. STFCJOEL says:

    Salop! League 1 here we come :’)

  15. WingWang73 says:


  16. WingWang73 says:


  17. WingWang73 says:


  18. Stoney737 says:

    Ha, I’ll agree that you certainly did. As it was my first match I didn’t want it to be a loss, so I was quite unhappy when Arsenal went one down.

  19. Keiththekillawhale says:

    To be 1-0 up against Arsenal at the Emirates was amazing! Good game Arsenal deserved to win based on the second half, but we gave you a scare! SALOP SALOP SALOP! STFC

  20. Stoney737 says:

    I appreciate a nice comment from a rival (of the game) supporter.
    I’ll admit, Arsenal didn’t play at their best in the first half, but they did step it up in the second.
    It was great to see Oxlade-Chamberlain score his first professional goal for the club, and I hope he’s a future star for the English national team.

    Shewsbury did good and they conducted themselves in a good way. I wish them all the best.

  21. STFCSAMPO says:

    Good coverage. I’m a Shrewsbury Town supporter. It’s a really nice stadium, it was amazing when we scored, never heard noise like that in all my life. Arsenal were lucky with their equalizer. We should have had a few more goals in the 1st half. However Arsenal dominated the 2nd half and deserved the win. Hope I get the chance to visit the Emirates again 🙂

  22. Stoney737 says:

    His random talk and jokes keep me on my toes.

  23. Stoney737 says:

    Cheers mate.

  24. kumail786 says:

    great vlog!

  25. blank882 says:

    Come on you GOONERS!

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