Gazidis Believes Arsenal Should Not Rest Easy

Arsenal chief executive Ivan Gazidis has stated that the club should not be resting on its laurels after winning the FA Cup final. Instead, they should be looking at winning more trophies in the future. Arsenal finally ended the trophy drought that has been plaguing them for several years with the FA Cup trophy this summer. They managed this victory after a 3-2 win over Hull City in the final of the competition. Arsenal could have easily lost yet another final after going two goals down to Hull within 20 minutes. However, they finally proved that they have made a lot of progress under Wenger to come back spectacularly.

The title may not get help them overcome the disappointment of having lost the Premier league title, but Ivan Gazidis says that it can be the start of the bright future for the club. The FA Cup victory will also help the club convinced Arsenal Wenger that he should extend his contract. The Frenchman said after the match that everything had been finalised for a new three-year deal and he should sign it in the next few days. It was previously thought that he was delaying this decision in order to look at the result of the FA Cup.

“We have a good platform to build on – it’s a great day for us to celebrate and we should do that as the Arsenal family. But tomorrow we start work again and we’ve got to use this to progress the club, to take it forward. This was a very big step, to have the players understand what it takes to come through that kind of adversity, to get over the line whatever it took is a big step and now we need to take the next step,” said the chief executive.

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