In Defence of Ivan Gazidis

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25 Responses to In Defence of Ivan Gazidis

  1. IttsTom says:

    As an Arsenal fan, van Persie needs to go. Cash in on him now while we still can. Hes had one good season for us. The rest he’s hardly played and has never really made a huge impact. Personally im starting to believe he’s slightly over hyped. Even this season most of his goals have been extremely easy to score and he’s 29. As long as we keep players like Arteta and Song who supply the most amazing assists we honestly dont need an amazing striker. Honestly,

  2. mufc4527 says:

    Arsenal fucked up badly by not spending more, if they continued to sign big players from 2004ish and not sold there best players then they were serious title contenders today IMO. I like arsenal if it was up to me i’d much rather see the United – Arsenal like from 10years ago title race where both clubs aren’t only there as a result as a billionaire owner but Arsenal are a team where 3rd place is an overachieving for them because United, City and Chelsea are miles ahead.

  3. gmanakadezil says:

    Yes and if we did that we would have sold Cesc 2 years before & Henry 3/4 years before, plzz use your common sense

  4. gmanakadezil says:

    Yes and if we did that we would have sold Cesc 2 years before & Henry 3/4 years before, plzz use your common sense

  5. UNc3ns0r3d says:

    Yes, I do. Sell them, stop the uncertainty and disruption, sign quality early on and have a good pre-season and avoid losing 8-2 at Old Trafford.

  6. gmanakadezil says:

    Because he was trying to keep them, unless you think its wise for AW to just release them the moment they say they want out

  7. UNc3ns0r3d says:

    Wasn’t talking about contracts, fully understand that aspect. I was talking about why the Sagas went on til August leaving Wenger with no time to adapt/replace.

  8. MessiMinutes says:

    We did it ages ago. If you didn’t get a player, you didn’t win 😛

  9. VanPersieandDrogba says:

    When r u doing the results video

  10. gmanakadezil says:

    And again the contract thing, I think it was explained in the video, you cant force a player to sign a contract, When a contract is signed it has a number of years for a reason, and it doesn’t say a player has a 4 contract, start negotiation a new contract 2 years in, that is B.S, if players learned to honour their contract, this mess wouldn’t happen,
    Second Rate signings; You seen Podolski Giroud Arteta Santos Mertesacker Koscielny Vermaelen Chamberlain…… you cant just focus on the bad

  11. gmanakadezil says:

    And therefore when we are interested, teams like City Chelsea… throw money at them doesn’t this make you think Glazidis job is harder than what Dein had to do, THINK ABOUT HIS BEFORE YOU THINK DEIN IS GOD,
    For example Niang, Currently on trial 3 days later City interested, can you see what Glazidis is working with now….. ”HIS WORKING WITH LAZY BASTARD SCOUTS” who just watch Arsenal/Ajax/Barca & now Newcastle.

  12. gmanakadezil says:

    Gotze: People say we don’t want to spend, AW send he will spend on the right player, £35mill was rejected & he signed a contract the next year, what more can we do?
    David ”so called GOD” Dein: Let me tell you a little something about Dein, but 1st Wenger; You see Arsene was an unknown from Japan, know one knew about his eye for talents YET, so when he spotted Vieira Henry Pires… there was no transfer battle & DEIN work was so easy.. now everyone knows that if AW thinks a player is good HE IS

  13. gmanakadezil says:

    Mata: Was never an Arsenal player, therefore at any second in time, he had the right to change his mind like Mikel did to Man U, Chelsea offered him more wages & he thought he could win there which he did.
    Nasri/Fabregas: People need to realise it doesn’t matter how late you keep it, Am an Arsenal fan if I played for Arsenal & my contract isn’t sorted till the last second, I WILL STILL STAY AT ARSENAL, because am a FAN, these players are not Arsenal fans so it doesn’t matter how quick its sorted

  14. MessiMinutes says:

    Cheers man! Constructive criticism always welcome though 😉

  15. MessiMinutes says:

    No problem 😛

  16. MattThomasShow says:

    Oh, thanks for clearing that up :)

  17. MessiMinutes says:

    Gazidis is the man who negotiates player registration transfers at Arsenal, as David Dein used to do.

  18. MattThomasShow says:

    I agree with you but Wenger signs players not Gazidis. Just thought i should say that lol 🙂

  19. MessiMinutes says:

    Mata was too much at the time, under a restricted budget. We needed to sell one of Nasri or Cesc. Nasri had to leave after money, and Cesc had to leave because we would’ve agreed for him to go to Barca. The assumption was we’d only need to lose one. We bargained for too much, and so lost out on Mata. It was very unfortunate and a mistake, but it has been learned from as shown by this summers’ deals.

  20. UNc3ns0r3d says:

    So who’s responsible for the absolute transfer debacle of last summer? Losing out on Mata when he was seemingly signed, delaying and messing with Nasri and Fabregas transfers, last day drama and messing around with Dortmund and Gotze? Doesn’t seem like he does the job well and I for one am tired with second rate signings and contract debacles that just didn’t happen with Dein on board.

  21. MessiMinutes says:

    Depends on the video., but…
    Writing, filming, editing, uploading and publishing take about an hour each.
    Cheers man 🙂

  22. MessiMinutes says:

    The differing ticket prices means that lower-income fans (like myself, not just taking an elitist position here) can attend football matches for less money, because the lower demand games are cheaper.
    Our match-day revenue is the largest segment of our income, and indeed the largest segment (%) out of all major clubs. Without it we’re nothing.
    Mertesacker looked decent later on. Ju was given little chance. RVP/Kos/Verm are class.
    I am a realist, but that doesn’t stop me being positive.

  23. MegaD3lta says:

    How long does it take you do edit your videos? Always looks professional.

  24. UNc3ns0r3d says:

    You genuinely think £62 tickets are acceptable for the average fan (even if red members could purchase for category A games)? The scheme prevents the younger, less well-off crowd (students etc.) attending the big games. But I guess as long as the seats are filled no-one cares if it’s a prawn sandwich factory. Great back-up players. Back up for who? The class players that have departed it? C’mon, business man first, football fan second.
    -Disgruntled realist
    Although I appreciate the response.

  25. MessiMinutes says:

    Cheers man, for any bits you don’t like still comment, always looking to improve 🙂

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