Kevin Mirallas ● The Belgian Star ● HD ●

Movie Score: five / 5

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25 Responses to Kevin Mirallas ● The Belgian Star ● HD ●

  1. jimbazinho says:

    He should have gone to Arsenal, with podolski, cazorla and Gervinho (or Walcott or Chamberlain) would be an amazing attack

  2. Κωνσταντίνος Βαρβαρέσος says:

    Στην Ελλάδα μια χαρά ήτανε στην Ευρώπη ΣΚΑΤΑ

  3. YouGotSmurfed says:

    If him leaving’s pissed you off that much then he must be good

  4. t0nysGameplays says:

    Song name please??

  5. CHAKERAKIAS7 says:

    FUCK YOU!!!

  6. MrNisioptimum1878 says:

    Yes, Now a toffee, looking forward to seeing him in a blue shirt COYB.

  7. MrND7 says:


  8. StavGate07 says:

    please dont remind me… i hope he plays as good as he did in olympiakos and score 20 goals in the prepmier league as well… i wish the best for him… please treat him well everton’s fans.. he is a super star…!!! GOOD LUCK KEVIN!!

  9. YouGotSmurfed says:

    Welcome to Everton!

  10. mentalpatient121 says:

    he is in everton’s training ground signing a deal.. sorry 🙂

  11. TheLaffey01 says:

    Be a great signing for everton COYB

  12. TheNinjaOGGY says:

    liverpool will have majorly missedout on a great talent if he signs for everton !he is what liverpool needs with the new rodgers system- a winger who’s got plenty of pace ,skills and who can cut in and stretch opposition +most importantly consistently hit the back of net !

  13. TheNinjaOGGY says:

    dont know why the fuck is BR nt tryin to get this guy.looks lik a perfect signing for lfc.

  14. nickw388 says:


  15. bethevans97 says:

    Just said he favours everton, hmm I fucking hope so. Follow follow follow evertons the team to follow, there’s somebody better than mikel arteta he’s the best little belgium we know! COYB

  16. chrishaggblom says:

    wow 0:15 Serious Skills..
    Btw, think he’s joining the Toffees

  17. xnacter says:

    lol the liverpool fans crack me up- Bargain deal for 8 million euros. Welcome to Arsenal

  18. UnaFatsaUnaRasta22 says:


  19. DeceasedHerobrine says:

    reminds me of eden hazard

  20. 1goonerguy says:

    Welcome to Arsenal FC :)

  21. StavGate07 says:

    he is in olympiakos.. sorry bitches !! 🙂

  22. f0rgotten10 says:

    He is arsenal bro.

  23. MrMaciulinek says:

    perfect replacement for maxi

  24. VultureGOW says:

    Heard lfc are interested. Would be worth a gamble at 6.5million.

  25. דניאל אבר says:

    8Ball – Hands In The Air –

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