Liverpool 0-2 Arsenal Review

Video Ranking: 4 / five

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25 Responses to Liverpool 0-2 Arsenal Review

  1. GanjaManize says:

    is that a joint in his left hand?

  2. Hugh Wizzy says:

    @CocaCola don’t sponsor me, but i get through a lot of it.

  3. TheAeonleon says:

    sponsored by Coke ~~

  4. Hugh Wizzy says:

    lol just get it into him with a bit of pace already!

  5. gunner4life96 says:

    Wip touch whip flip~ HAHAHAHHA

  6. gunner4life96 says:

    Hahahhaaha. You high or smth mate? Great video anyways.

  7. Hugh Wizzy says:

    Like you said, i can’t see Cesc coming back – but i’d never say no! Seems a bit like the ship has sailed and we should let him sort his own shit out, but he’s a legend and i’d happily have him back.

  8. TheDomino214 says:

    there are reports going around saying that fabregas is dissapointed in not getting enough first team football at barca, and would like a move back to the premier league, preferably arsenal. cant see it happening, but there’s always a chance

  9. Hugh Wizzy says:

    Wenger did say if he couldn’t get that special player in this transfer window that he’d look to try again in January. Interesting.

  10. Hugh Wizzy says:

    you’re too kind buddy! #staytuned #afc

  11. godman316 says:

    You are amazing man!!

  12. Hugh Wizzy says:

    cheers buddy! #staytuned for more #Arsenal vids!

  13. Hugh Wizzy says:

    Will feel safer with all three back. We can do something with the team if we’re fit. Very promising. Got my fingers, legs, knees and toes crossed.

  14. Goon weezy says:

    yeah fingers crossed they all come back as they left… good news about Wilshere , Rockyy and Sagna … things are looking good for us .

  15. hizza1000 says:

    gread vid mate, loved it

  16. Tyrese7213 says:

    hehehe lets make it trend #TeamCocaCola 

  17. i5orn says:

    I didn’t know Fellaini was an Arsenal fan. Sub’d

  18. timlinable says:

    you explain the game like a poet, nice

  19. Hugh Wizzy says:

    cheers bud, was buzzing after the performance

  20. Hugh Wizzy says:

    was buzzing after the game 🙂

  21. mikeX133 says:

    very enthusiastic vid

  22. Hugh Wizzy says:

    that comment cracked me up. #TeamCocaCola HEAR MY CALL!

  23. Tyrese7213 says:

    cool,i agree bro.dude ,you should get coka cola to sponser your chanel man ,will be a win win situation.coz i thirst for cola everytime i see your bottle bro!!

  24. Hugh Wizzy says:

    awesome game, hope they all come back from the break fit

  25. Goon weezy says:

    Still buzzing i couldn’t pick asingle player as my man of the match … From Vito To Per To jenko To diaby To poldi the whole whole team put in a heck of a shift.. Fantastic 11 man team.

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