Lukas Podolski – Welcome to Arsenal 2012 (Official)

Video Ranking: 4 / five

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22 Responses to Lukas Podolski – Welcome to Arsenal 2012 (Official)

  1. silentg0mberzmaw says:


  2. VNDoNNiX says:

    0:26 fail!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Falconferare says:

    Sometimes faith pays off. I’m thrilled at the beginning off the season. It took a few games for the attacking side to find eachother, but now we have the least conceded and the biggest win. Podolski has shown absolute world class talent, and Cazorla has been stellar. The “kid talents” are really pulling their weight, and our defence is night and day compared to early last season.
    Imo we should pay big money for a world class striker this winter, there still is money. Great window though.

  4. MrRichHustle says:

    Podolski is a great and loyal player, he joined Koln (a small average club) from Bayern Munich (German giants) because it was his home town #Respect

  5. yimmi yimmi says:

    and dont forget a great player like cazorla

  6. AfroBotFactory says:

    Bye Song

  7. Dukie9998 says:

    You guys got a great player, But you probably already know that by what he’s done against England.

  8. MyDarkshinigami says:

    Sie erhalten besser, weil Schürrle und Reus hinter dir

  9. GWASPatsMAgiC says:

    and they still cant win

  10. ToastPieChickenCake says:

    Glad for what RVP done for arsenal, but not glad that he joined a rival club. Could have went abroad, but he wants to rub it in doesnt he? Just like $amir Nazi. Fabregas left, but at least he wasnt as smug as nazi about it

  11. DaemonGuitarist says:

    no Ramsey?

  12. LifeSpawnShaft says:

    FUCK RVP!!!

  13. mw3soldier says:

    U know what, Fuck rvp we dont need him, prince poldi, giroud, cazorla, arteta, song, the ox are just some of the quality that we have, Arsenal fans have faith, COYG

  14. MrRetardosaurus says:

    Welcome to City! :)

  15. MrSteg94 says:

    I definitely wouldn’t play Arshavin, he has no work-rate and is too inconsistent. I also wouldn’t leave out Arteta because he was class last season. I would use Gervinho as a super sub because around the 70th min teams will start to tire and he will come on with his pace and they won’t be able to handle him. Good thing about this season is we have a strong squad with a lot of players to chose from, so if players get injured or hit bad form we have quality players who can replace them.

  16. shuopeng cui says:

    Thats was i was trying to say. The original line did not include OX, cazorla and arteta.
    I would keep everything the same but play song as defensive midfield. Wilshire and Cazorla center mid. Gervinho and Asharvin or the flanks with podolski upfront.

  17. MrSteg94 says:

    We have players like Gervinho, The Ox and Cazorla that can provide assists for the strikers, Wilshere and Arteta aswell.

  18. shuopeng cui says:

    The problem with too many strikers is no support, no support means no goal chances. If you look at spain, they played without a striker for almost the whole euros and won it. If the front three are Giroud, Walcot and Podolski I worry where the support would come from. Walcot is average at crossing in my opinion. Song and M,vila are relatively defensive. Wilshire can make good through balls but he won’t really be providing much width to the team.

  19. MrSteg94 says:

    Sagna Koscielny Vermaelen Gibbs
    Cazorla Song Arteta
    Walcott/The Ox Giroud Podolski
    Also players like Mertesacker, Andre Santos, Wilshere, Rosicky, Ramsey, Coquelin, Frimpong, Gervinho, possibly Sahin and maybe more … So excited for the new season!

  20. MrSteg94 says:

    I would rather play Podolski ST aswell because that is where he is most effective, but we have Giroud for that position and he is 6″4 and we play a 4-3-3 so he will no doubt be ST. But having Podolski on the left means that we are not just relying on Giroud to score all the goals like we where with RvP last season. Now we have 2 prolific goal scorers in the team, 3 if RvP stays.

  21. shuopeng cui says:

    I would play poldoski up front rather than on the side, he is a good finisher. From the video he seems very average at dibbling. I would prefer to play Gervinho on the side as he has pace and can take people on to provide support for strikers like podolski and Giroud as they as the better finishing abilities.

  22. MrRuairi4 says:

    0:31 Red fire extinguisher behind the goals to put podolski out when he goes on fire!!

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