Nike Academy vs Arsenal

Movie Ranking: four / 5

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23 Responses to Nike Academy vs Arsenal

  1. GPSJustin says:

    1:12- Has everyone looked at Set pieces?

    Arsenal haven’t!

  2. redskinsforthewins says:

    Or be Chuck Norris (you).

  3. Douglas Rosete says:
    is a great soccer community, join in!

  4. Digitaliziation says:


  5. manchesunt says:

    you spelled “spelled” wrong

  6. Phillip Huynhz says:

    Miyachi! Arsenals Future!

  7. 3ntbO says:

    is there like trials for them ? just curious how they find there team

  8. Chuck Norris says:

    Be really good and live in Europe

  9. youngmoneytrooper says:

    you mean “future of man-city”

  10. JimmyD959 says:

    just some youth players

  11. JimmyD959 says:

    no this is not arsenal football team

  12. JimmyD959 says:


  13. 3ntbO says:

    how do you play for nike academy ?

  14. TheGuyNamedCris says:

    Is this Arsenal’s first team?

  15. mattsydal10 says:

    spelt ?

  16. WhitesamuraiFish says:

    ‘spelt’ is also spelled ‘spelled’

  17. whatup hoe says:

    Arsenal juniors are better than Arsenal seniors lmao

  18. ImAminerr says:

    Thank god.

  19. imintless123 says:

    ffs i cant be botherd with this

  20. ImAminerr says:

    But on a general scale, they’re still a good team. I’d like to see you go rack up 14 friends (if you have that many) and go play them..

  21. imintless123 says:

    NO there just shit i spammed that commentlol that angry u said they were good they couldnt beat swansea ffs

  22. ImAminerr says:

    No but I’m not saying as a team they’re shit. Maybe, compared to ManU and Man City maybe, maybe. But as a team in general they’re not shit.

  23. imintless123 says:

    yeah but think manu won the barclays premier league not long back they never win silver ware so there SHIT!!!!!!!!

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