There is no one like Me

Movie Rating: four / five

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24 Responses to There is no one like Me

  1. sacablush says:

    Most talented footballer in Premier League history.

  2. josevanreyes says:

    He’s not going to come out and say it is he? Use your logic.

  3. Saim Rafiq says:

    Your videos are amazing

  4. kulu4kuli says:

    thought it about rvp…but its about our legend,
    who need rvp when we have arsenal??

  5. shamelessxjuliet says:

    Stunning stunning video! Only one true number 10 <3

  6. josevanreyes says:

    He’s obviously going to say that, its called PR. It was widely reported that his preference was Tottenham. You actually think he’s going to come out and say it? Idiot.

  7. loopo3 says:

    Looks like one person is a United fan. There is no one like the non flying dutchman, the epitome of class.

  8. Ryan1123451 says:

    the thumbnail just lied me

  9. jizzbooby says:

    I wasn’t intending to watch this when I saw the thumbnail. Now I’m glad I did!

  10. armirvp88 says:

    Thank you, mate. I was going to post that, sooner or later. You beat me to it. 🙂

  11. Arsenal4ever1988 says:

    1. “Other clubs never came into my thoughts once I knew Arsenal wanted to sign me.”
    2. “People often assume I’m a Spurs fan but it’s not true. I was a fan of Glenn Hoddle, not of Spurs”

    -Dennis Bergkamp

  12. SamritpalSingh says:

    haha class!

  13. beckhamfreak says:

    thank you thank you for this video.

  14. KazDPK says:

    Dennis Bergkamp > RvP

  15. accord911 says:

    Armir, you’re a boss

  16. armirvp88 says:

    That’s what she said?

  17. KILLBILL984 says:

    ok whats that supposed to mean where did he end up?

  18. josevanreyes says:

    Bergkamp wanted to join Tottenham before signing for Arsenal. Arsenal were his 2nd choice.

  19. thefootymob says:

    Make your videos longer please

  20. D91HS says:

    Love the vid, how you put in the RvP shots together with the lyrics was just perfect.

  21. KILLBILL984 says:

    yeah but at least bergkamp never ran off to a rival club

  22. RuddGerrath says:

    the song is Chiddy Bang – “Mind Your Manners” (feat. Icona Pop)

  23. Overkill195 says:

    Rihanna I think.

  24. Viczilla118 says:

    what was the song

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