UnClassic Commentary | Mathieu Flamini & Laurent Koscielny

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25 Responses to UnClassic Commentary | Mathieu Flamini & Laurent Koscielny

  1. Yusuf Kiddy says:

    Oh my God I love how Per is laughing!! 

  2. Jesus Peace says:

    Per is creasing in the back lol

  3. Yanal Dahdah says:

    per is so funny hahahhaa

  4. Da Triton says:

    French style commentary in English, this is great, and they say the french
    have no sense of humor, lol.

  5. James Bondage says:

    “A very nice tackle my friend” Haha.

  6. kurt pullen says:

    Love these guys

  7. Peter T says:

    this was the best one. “flamini is back and 20 seconds later he has yellow
    card” hahahah

  8. Twister26 says:

    Flamini comes on! 20 seconds later he has a yellow card! lol

  9. Mustafa ninetysix says:

    yup over-complimenting the french players everywhere even the opponenets
    “what a save loris” 

  10. ARAM RECON says:

    Gettin’ real tired of your shit, Per. XD

  11. msm25 says:

    “Oph Oph Oph Oph Oph Oph I saw the nuts of aaah jenkinson” LOL

  12. Adithya Raghunath says:

    @ 1:15 – Flamini: Ooooh what a pleasure (slight pause) – Look at BFG
    Funniest shit… hahahha.. COYG!!!

  13. AndDrGraySaid says:

    “20 seconds after he has a yellow card” hahahahaha. This is brilliant,
    Mertesacker is also probably one of the funniest and most passionate
    players we have

  14. mxgirl918 says:

    “Mathoo Flameenee” lol

  15. Elyas MikeBob says:

    The one dislike was from a spu*s fan

  16. Barrot Boom says:

    Lol Per

  17. Saqi-Boi says:

    It’s football haan not Rugby my friend HAHAHHA Bosssielny 

  18. Dan Potta says:

    Just take some time out to appreciate Per’s face at 1:20

  19. Omar Khan says:

    hate fucking arsenal. pure fucking scum. team and fans are all assholes

  20. Josh Stowers says:

    their accents make it so much funnier

  21. missilekidful says:


  22. Primal Bhanderi says:

    Per is a fucking legend! 

  23. Jack 95 says:

    Best bit: 1:25 – 1:57
    “Oooooh three points for Aaron Ramsey! Its a football eh, its not rugby my
    friend!” “Ah and hes back, yes, Mathieu Flamini after 5 years at Milan hes
    back … and 20 seconds after he has a yellow card! yes my freind!”
    Koscielny was brilliant! I’ve barely ever heard him speak before but hes

  24. Hossam Amer says:

    the funniest one

  25. tyler dibao says:

    what happened to the heye

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