Arsenal Looks Elsewhere For Vardy’s Replacement

There is fresh news coming in about Jami Vardy and Arsenal. While there were rumors that Jamie would be looked at by Arsenal, there has been another interesting development.

The player decides not to accept the offer made by Arsenal. Indeed, Wenger was making a pitch for Jamie, stretching the resources of his team. This move of Wenger was compared to that of Sir Alex Ferguson, who put in a lot at stake when he took up van Persie. That had not worked well for the Gunners and many suspected that a similar fate might be in for Wenger. However, things have taken a different turn this time. Vardy himself has showcased his reservations to joining Arsenal, especially under the managership of Arsene Wenger.

This certainly adds spice to the speculations and uncertainties that govern the transfer windows. Indeed, it might have turned out that he took up Arsenal’s offer, but the latter might not have been able to utilize the player well. That would definitely have been a futile attempt. Jamie averted that situation by deciding on his future from beforehand. He stated that he had made up his mind to stay on with Leicester and that he would be comfortable with the Leicester team. He also stated that the reason he was rejecting the offer of Arsenal is that he is not confident of the playing style that the team offers. He would be more comfortable playing for Leicester. This could also be orchestrated by Leicester authorities who might have offered him a lucrative deal. No matter what has spurred the decision, he has decided to renew the deal with Leicester after Euro 2016 is over. With the decision taken from before, he has been able to avert futile attempts and empty speculations that would have remained rife and acted as a distraction to the present tournament.

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