Arsenal FC Robin Van Persie takes on Darius Knight

Movie Score: 4 / five

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23 Responses to Arsenal FC Robin Van Persie takes on Darius Knight

  1. this1is2me7 says:

    To those who say Darius tries too hard;
    He’s only using 20% of his actual skills.
    Thumbs up if you know it because you play TT.

  2. MrNuigit says:

    At 2:30 Matthew Syed asks if they agreed for Darius to play seriously. Van Persie says he wanted the “maximum”

  3. NooBitO13 says:

    shaqueel crying in the background. so cute

  4. JakTagz says:

    i have seen him play properly, my mates dad was playing against him in the finals of some tournament and I agree with you, he beat my mates dad 17 – 15

  5. c4ar1zard says:

    is no-one at all here for Knight? He’s an outstandingly talented table tennis player. If anyone here got to watch him play properly, you’d see that here, hes just putting on a bit of a low-quality show

  6. xD0RuthlessGaming says:

    now lets see that guy play football

  7. blackMAMBA724 says:

    Van Persie wanted Harry to play hard, at 2:32 some guy asks VP if it was meant to be serious and VP says ya. VP is having fun. If Eboue or Federrer asked for a 1v1, wouldn’t you want to go at it hard to make it more fun? Not trying to hurt anyone of course.

    VP is smiling almost the whole time.

  8. RFurcal62 says:

    2:48 ..if you were waiting to see a Van Persie point..

  9. NenkoYeayea says:

    That black guy is stupid lol. RVP is just playing for the cams and that guy is like doing the game of his life.. lol

  10. omaress says:

    RVP must be saying to his self ” next time we ll play some penalty shoot outs ! ” 😀

  11. dingyibvs says:

    Haha, those who think Darius actually went all out don’t play TT at anything near a decent level. The only part of the game he went all out in is with the loop-drives, he was completely elementary in the toughest and most important part of the game–the service and the return(when faced with a short serve). But of course, only those who really play the game can see that, so as far as RVP knows, Darius was playing seriously.

  12. Joylevinstein says:

    RVP plays surprisingly well considering the length of his arms

  13. shamidizzle says:

    Robin went in the 4.45 rally

  14. MancunianMagician says:


  15. IHaveKewlSocks says:

    lol this guy is trying too hard to make van persie look crap.


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  17. beavermonlives says:

    vp asked

  18. beavermonlives says:

    rvp told him to go all out

  19. artyzach says:

    hehehe… wonderful job van persie, still managed to score even though you are best at scoring goals in soccer. I just love van persie…

  20. aaa82yt says:

    wow… he plays tennis better than football
    just kidding ))

  21. TheRandomCHEEZE says:

    table tennis in jeans.

  22. maxk880 says:

    obviously, he isn’t a tabletennis player he’s a football player

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