Arsenal Football club Highlights

Movie Rating: 4 / five

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23 Responses to Arsenal Football club Highlights

  1. bobbyrayisthebest says:

    where r the goals???

  2. DPorragas4 says:


  3. DPorragas4 says:

    Gunner 4 Life!!!

  4. 07AFC says:

    When is the movie coming mate?

  5. bnash06 says:

    i can’t wait for the movie

  6. GauchoNL says:

    van Persie!

  7. 1608199ify says:

    Arsenal sucks!!! Man United is better!!!!!=)))

  8. Dabadiestkidalive2 says:

    Gr8t video Mate, But where do you get this HD Clips from ? or you just Cap em ?

  9. MrAjaybiju says:


  10. jake100500600700 says:

    dont call the damndable sport foot ball, either spell it diffrent o call it soccer, i dont give a damn what your country calls it, how would you like it if i always talked about american foot all where you were? and tricked you and pissed you off?

  11. solstafir1936 says:

    Very good video. Keep going…

  12. jakbar92 says:

    AWSOME VID MAN, love it, love Arsenal, Never stop beleving! IN ARSENE WE TRUST

  13. StanleyWRC says:

    What’s the second song please?

  14. AG11TH14 says:

    quality man!
    whens ths vid coming out?

  15. rivalcf4 says:

    Official MKB CC7 date Kick-off is January 2010, but it could be released Februari or March too…

  16. GVMX says:

    great video congratz !!!

  17. Schwarzer777 says:

    Great movie what’s the second song??

  18. BringingTheReal says:

    Blue Foundation – Eyes Of Fire! btw. the song is perfect to this video!

  19. CB90O says:

    fantastic video – brilliant editing 5*

  20. atikah6312 says:

    when is this movie will come out?? i really can wait to see this movie.. just watching this video i know that movie will be fantastic..

  21. muhmann17 says:

    name of the first song?!…

  22. Rob10inho13 says:

    I Love the credits 6/5* your bastle is againts mawuawari??

  23. Hafeez Salih says:

    good work!! what z dat sound track (humming b4 eduardo injury)??

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