Arsenal Stunners – Stunning Goals from Arsenal Football Club

Online video Rating: 4 / five

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25 Responses to Arsenal Stunners – Stunning Goals from Arsenal Football Club

  1. Stanley Hughes says:

    3:00 WTF! Know needs a Jabulani

  2. Michael Bethell says:

    orange order scratch your new cars to bully you

  3. goonerjumper417 says:

    yeah a cabinet ll be too small in the near feature…trust me after selling this cabinet we are going to get a whole new world of achievements.then u can keep that empty cabinet with ur team forever

  4. Swiper360 says:

    I’m happy to do a lie detector anytime

  5. Shafeeq Ahmad says:

    @5:19 Stand up for the champions
    man i miss those days

  6. kevin084life says:

    You talk the most rubbish!

  7. Michael Bethell says:

    orange order scratch your new cars to bully you

  8. daymianbuck says:

    The next 10 years, name like Robin Van Persie and Alex Song will be remember too. Although they recently leave The Emirates. That doesn’t mean it is the end of the world for Arsenal. COYG!

  9. Pjaylak11 says:

    look at the guy in the background at 2:53 lol

  10. Dseaton1 says:

    Show 2012? Are you that dumb?! This video came out in 2007 haha dumb fuck

  11. The92Bootleg says:

    Vieeeiraaa , Absoluty Fantastic ! Video Inspirador lindos Gols. Gunner até a Morte!

  12. OscarBravoUSA says:

    Simply superb.

  13. ansla20 says:

    pretty sure thats against middlesborough

  14. ansla20 says:

    if you want to see 2012 goals search 2012 goals idiot , the rest of us are happy reminiscing with this great compilation

  15. Nicholas Middleton says:

    who was the pires goal at 4:01 against, i watch lots of arsenal videos but ive never seen it before

  16. wardahamda says:

    no one wants to see 1850s goals. show 2012 goal idiot

  17. 2009Proj3ct says:

    That would be Martin Keown

  18. TheoJbird says:

    We have a gloriously history and, unlike Chelsea under Abramovich, our trophies were won and not bought! 😉

  19. imzebestever says:

    visit channel for some latest arsenal vids! Thanks!

  20. Dominic Martinez says:

    watch my video about chelsea - Football Critic on Chelsea

  21. KeyMrLock says:

    lol they missed out like 20 more from henry

  22. Robin van Persie says:

    Why am I not im this video?

  23. TheHanrik says:

    martin tyler legend !

  24. 77cupcakelove says:

    I love them and always will!
    Theiry Henry is such a legend too bu the lot of them work together so well as a team!

  25. PherociousPanda says:

    6:52 … Still probably the best goal I’ve ever seen live.

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