Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels: ‘Alexis is a pitbull!’

Video Rating: four / five

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25 Responses to Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels: ‘Alexis is a pitbull!’

  1. ProAlexGaming says:

    finally sanogo actually doing something!

  2. MrPerfectVision says:

    Gary Medel is ‘El Pitbul’

  3. tjtrapstar says:

    Sanogo is the onlynone at the end of a video that actually loojs happy to
    be doing the out tro

  4. MrFKful says:

    The interviewer makes this vid seem so dull

  5. Daniel B says:

    Are you crazy Yaya’s gonna strain his back doing that

  6. PowerVoltaire says:

    First Kevin Costner and now Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels!!!!Who’s next of
    awesome celebrities visiting the Arsenal home ground???
    Ps. Love Jim Carrey!!!”Alexis, he’s a little pibull!” The American term for
    fast pace and great dribbling abilities!!!

  7. Connor Riley says:

    Alexis is the Chilean God of Football 

  8. Da Triton says:

    At least they admit that British fans are more passionate about their teams
    moreso than the americans are with their NFL team. Too bad these guys know
    nothing about the premier league football.

  9. cristian gutierrez fernandez says:

    AWEONAOS chilensis déjense de aclarar la wea de pitbull ! Jim quiere decir
    que Alexis es un pitbull por como juega y quita balones ! Y no que lo
    llamen pitbull por mote ! Además cualquiera puede llamar pitbull a
    cualquiera que el flaite Medellín no lo tiene patentado ! Además con las
    cagas y falta de fútbol le alcanza pa pequinés avíspense AWEONAOS. 

  10. Omicron942 says:

    These guy’s clearly have no idea what they’re talking about, but props to
    them for trying anyway :S

  11. David Barker says:

    The bits at the end are so cringe worthy, but I love the channel, keep it

  12. danaldinho99 says:

    Ahaha sanogo at the end, quality

  13. Esteban D'Angelo says:

    Im sorrry Jim, but Gary Medel is our Pitbull, Sanchez is Wonder Kid or
    something quite like that

  14. Peter Stahl says:

    Alexis is an amazing player! The best player in the Premier league!

  15. Sammy Quakez says:

    Sanogo completes this video. Legend!

  16. Iquestion Sheep says:

    Whoever interviewed them needs to be sacked they would have given better
    answers if they thought the interviewer was at all interested in
    interviewing them! He sounded like he just got dumped!

  17. SAM says:

    Hahaha sanogo

  18. vinnieFTW says:

    “Well I was drunk.” – hahaha, loved this interview.
    Don’t understand why everyone is criticising this video, or criticising
    these two for not being knowledgeable football fans. That’s not the point
    of the video.

  19. k24bfan says:

    AFC really trying to promote….celebrities…how about blue collar fans.

  20. Bastian Reichel González says:

    The one “pitbull” is Gary Medel!!!

  21. bomb901 says:


  22. Marcelo Chapa says:

    Grande Alexis VIVA CHILEEEE MIERDA! 

  23. Amal Khan says:

    Sanogo at the end was funnier than both of them. 

  24. Andre Santa Maria says:

    a little embarrasing for Americans…. The guys humor was too stupid. Get a
    real American celebrity that won’t joke about being drunk and be mindless
    about English culture.

  25. CBMgoonerComps says:

    Someone need to create a GIF of the sanogo ending. In terms of personality
    he’s my favourite player at the club, kinda like aboue when he was here.

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