Lampard Might Miss Out On Manchester derby

Lampard is most likely to miss out on Manchester Derby this time given serious thigh injury. However, his teammate Nasri (Samir) is all fit now to take up the challenge for Derby clash at Etihad Stadium.

Lampard suffered a terrible blow to his thigh in 4-1 triumph against Tottenham and the situation is critical enough to not to let him play at the Derby match.

“He is still down with muscle injury”, stated Manuel Pellegrini, the manager for Manchester City. “I don’t feel that he would be fit by this weekend- however, next week might look positive for him.”

Nasri’s bad groin injury made him miss out on past 7 matches of his team. He had his surgery in September and by now he is fit enough to make his comeback with the Manchester City match against Newcastle.

Pellegrini had positive views about Nasri’s present fitness quotient.

“Samir is playing with normality now & he’s in squad list. Added to him, all our players in the current squad are completely fit”, added in the Manchester City manager. However, the celebrated former footballer has declared not to use Samir all through the match.

“I have not decided on who would be starting for the match yet. Nasri is just back from a critical injury. He is definitely not ready to go on for long 90 minutes but I am sure to get some minutes morrow.”

Pellegrini’s club are the holders of League Cup now after defeating Sunderland in past season’s finale.

“It’s very crucial for us to achieve trophies. The competition doesn’t matter. We are gearing to win all the 4 competitions in similar way. However, winning title at the Wembley surely comes with extra perks. It’s the most significant stadium of the world where you have a huge volume of 80,000 spectators watching you play.

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