Shoot! Football themed game

The modern Premiership and Sky television era of football has made the beautiful game popular with a wider audience around the world than ever before, as facilities such as all-seater stadiums have made the actual experience of going to matches more family-friendly, while the regular live television coverage has ensured that people can follow the leagues in every country.

However some hardcore fans of football will still be nostalgic for the era before football became big business, and the players’ multi-millionaires, and these are the fans for whom a slots game like Shoot could be absolutely tailor made.

Shoot, named after the almost legendary football magazine, is a non progressive slots game with five reels and fifty pay lines, and the sub-heading for it declares that the player will be returning “to football’s golden era.” This is particularly true should you manage to get the combination of scatter symbols, because the screen will show you images of classic Shoot magazine covers, as well as some of the greatest players in the history of the game – including the likes of Pele, Maradona, Ruud Gullit and Marco Van Basten. Thus, with international stars like these featured, Shoot is a slots game that could well appeal to football fans in other countries as well – rather than just British fans.

Of course this nostalgic football theme is ideal for fans who feel a little jaded by the modern day version of the game, but even though it is very well developed, it wouldn’t mean much if Shoot didn’t also work as a slots game. Happily, with Shoot offering a very impressive – and very un-nostalgic – maximum cash jackpot of $20,000, this isn’t the case. You can find the game in

Furthermore, the Magazine and Trade’em Up bonus games combine football and slots very neatly, while the free spins bonus feature offers you a great chance to maximise any potential payout.

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