Tottenham Hotspur v Arsenal – 20. April Derby Thriller [HD]

Video clip Score: four / five

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25 Responses to Tottenham Hotspur v Arsenal – 20. April Derby Thriller [HD]

  1. MrPabin12 says:

    At 0:08 Walcott does the Shhh celebration. then van der vaart gets pissed off and on 0:13 he does the shhh celebration aswell. this shows how great does spurs and we the spurs fan feel to score on a derby game.
    Spurs Forever. COYS

  2. MegaMrSpurs says:

    Benoit Assou-Ekotto + Sandro vid PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sandro has so many amazing jaw dropping tackles 🙂

  3. sosigbon says:

    Yidd army!
    Stand up if u hate arsenal wankers

  4. sosigbon says:

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  5. yiddoarmy7 says:

    great vid COYS

  6. kamool91 says:

    not bad, just next time try to change style of music than rock maybe

  7. imayid4lifex2 says:

    And VDV sticking his tounge out to wilshere after he nutmegd him twice lol ave it!

  8. imayid4lifex2 says:

    That game was amazing beautiful football and comitted players playing for the badge. VDV’s shhhhh to the the arsenal fans was the cherry on the cake, love it. COYS

  9. YidVids1 says:

    nice one fella!

  10. SpursProduction says:

    The Chemists - This City

  11. Kocaer7 says:

    nice video !

  12. aykyd says:

    Great vid again well done mate! Whats the song name by the way??

  13. MrHarrisinho says:

    match of the season part 2 haha briliant vid again COYS

  14. spursfanforlife123 says:

    he just grows in confidence on the ball, and his diagonal balls are pinpoint accurate, what a great player! Knows how to hit a ball hard too!

  15. Basketballerke says:

    Yes, Assou-Ekotto has made a great development last season and a half. He is such an important player for Spurs nowdays. He was outstanding against Arse, one of the best on the pitch.

  16. THFCompilation says:

    best match ever<3

  17. OriginalYTName says:

    A great game but I can’t help but think about the Modric, Sandro and Crouch chances, if only we could’ve put just one of those in the back of the net.

    Oh well, great comeback, everyone was great, good to see VDV performing like he did at the start of the season again, so passionate about the game as well.

    4th place is still in our hands seeing as we have City to play. COYS!

  18. PaTrIk7CR9 says:

    aaron lennon 2010 2011 video

  19. izaakTHFC says:

    I agree with Tukan777, BAE is brilliant!

  20. electivire1001 says:

    i love how passionate Van Der Vaart is about the derby even though it is his first season.
    he was a remarkable signing.
    also spurs should have had a penalty in the first half aswell

  21. ImpeccableGamer says:

    aussou-ekotto has become a legend

  22. ConsoleCrashersGamin says:

    i agree with tukan777 because he is a brillient defender

  23. SpursProduction says:

    Yes, I agree mate! :-)

  24. TomTeckz says:

    huddlestone’s goal was amazing.

  25. Tukan777 says:

    I demand a Benoit Assou-Ekotto video! The guy is pure class

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