Who says Arsenal isn’t Perfect?

Video clip Ranking: 4 / five

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25 Responses to Who says Arsenal isn’t Perfect?

  1. DoubleK2ube says:

    I just don’t get it…. Nasri showed so much passion for arsenal and then he just left. Makes me sad…

  2. Arron Ramsey says:

    Our Time Will Come / Keep the Faith / Arsenal 4 Life

  3. Arron Ramsey says:

    who says am not perfect

  4. mingngoi7 says:

    from malaysia gooners with love …coyg!!!

  5. pioneer1412 says:

    Regardless if they don’t win anything next 1000 years I’ll still support them, because they will always be The mighty Arsenal

  6. kacklat jupkat says:

    whats the name of the song?

  7. Dutch19Gunner says:

    Amazing video

  8. mossa543 says:

    i know Robin say.
    fuck you robin. love arsenal.

  9. mohamedarsenal69 says:

    The best vid ever

  10. Tien Dung Pham says:

    arsenal forever

  11. fabregass89 says:


  12. wendy wilshere says:

    even if arsenal do not have the league champion ..
    but i love love with arsenal ..
    up at any time ..
    Till arsenal die

  13. ares7611 says:

    My favourite video about Arsenal ;-)

  14. rocky balboa says:

    they are perfect at not winning titles 7 years in a row(8 after this season)

  15. Adam Wisniewski says:

    Arsenal FC <33333333333
    From Poland ;D

  16. pioneer1412 says:

    Terrible song

  17. Brian DeRosa says:

    this song sucks ass

  18. Matthew Bridge says:

    Fuck Nasri and RVP traitors hate them said they love the club and join our rivals same with Clichy and Adebayor. Cesc and Song Left to Barcelona the best team in the world whether your at city utd or chelsea it is always hard to say no to Barcelona Song was happy to stay but Wenger wanted a new start Cesc was born in Spain he loves Barcelona but he always mentions about how much he loves Arsenal Song, Cesc & Eboue i have respect for them all.
    Everyone else who left our club are a bunch of cocks

  19. Tom Reniers says:

    Eindhoven supports AFC

  20. HOLAAMINT says:

    “Who Says” – Dave Days

  21. Rumci666 says:

    Re-discovering this video after a year made me freaking cry. Most of the old faces are gone.

  22. Ashton Johnson says:

    We’re nowhere near perfect but nice vid though

  23. fuzefootball says:


  24. MRtwins100 says:

    like if you looking at this video in 2012/2013 season 🙂

  25. Khal Kash says:

    Watched this in the doom in gloom of last season, now back after 9 months, and Im crying. GOONERS UNITE

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