Anfield Tunnel: Access All Areas v Arsenal

Video clip Score: four / 5

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24 Responses to Anfield Tunnel: Access All Areas v Arsenal

  1. sianybop2010 says:

    worst ref in the world there with bellamy

  2. Filipe0410 says:

    Stop reading so much papers you imbecile, I’ve seen in the papers Hazard to Arsenal, Fabregas to return to Arsenal e.t.c.

    Its journalist trying to sell papers and get views.
    And i just checked that article it was written in June 2011, so its been 2 summer transfers to come back to Liverpool, yet nothing has happened.

  3. Filipe0410 says:

    that piece of shit? he scored 65 goals in 102 games for your club you moron, he was your best player.
    You read too much media which most of it isn’t true.

    You have the most history in the premier league? LOOOOOOL you’ve never won it you moron.
    And what does it matter about Gerrard?
    Your team isn’t classed as a big club anymore your Mid table at best now.
    You dont seem to know much about football with your silly responses.

  4. Chris Brown says:

    PART 3. I also love how Arsenal fans are getting hyped after being just 4 points ahead of a club that has one of the most history in the premier league

  5. Chris Brown says:

    If you don’t believe Xabi Alonso said that google ”Real Madrid midfielder Xabi Alonso has opened the door to a potential return to Liverpool after admitting he misses the club click the link, Alonso liked Liverpool better it wasn’t his choice you stupid moron, he also refused to sign a extension to his contract in august so most likely he will come back..Mascherano is a selfish faggot he should enjoy himself in barcelona im sure he will get lots of playing time

  6. Chris Brown says:

    1. Answer my question, when did Gerrard say he wanted to leave his dream team ever since he was a little boy?
    2. Can you not read? We got a better deal for Torres you moron. £50 Million for that stupid piece of shit HAHA. I wouldn’t even buy Torres for £25 Million. Talks abotu Alonso coming back to anfield is approved and he said quote ”Real Madrid midfielder Xabi Alonso has opened the door to a potential return to Liverpool after admitting he misses the club. READ MY PART TWO

  7. Filipe0410 says:

    You said your best players don’t leave did you not?
    So explain to me why Torres, Mascherano, Xabi Alonso, Arbeola all left?
    And was the deal for Carrol, Henderson and Downing a good deal?
    Think before you type.

  8. Filipe0410 says:

    Well done you won a League cup, its not the greatest achievement. Mostly used for youth players.

    Thats all you have history, could you tell me how many premier league titles you’ve won?

    And what group are you in the Champions league this season?

  9. Chris Brown says:

    also Arsenal is just 4 points ahead of us is that a lot or something?

  10. Chris Brown says:

    Did you just say Steven Gerrard wanted to leave Liverpool? Please tell me when..
    Gerrard never quits remember 05 when his team was down 3-0 after the first half in champions league finals against Milan? He was holding the other teams player like they were winning..They came back and tied the game in 6 minutes and won the game in penalty.. Torres was actually a way better deal £50million £56million Suarez and Carrol £58million Suarez alone recently scored a hatrick to give us our first win.

  11. Filipe0410 says:

    well we still manage to be above you even when our best players leave the club, says a lot about your club. Steven Gerrard? the same guy who wanted to leave a few seasons a go? Well done, Him and carragher have remained at the club. I can remember Torres, Mascherano, Alonso,all leaving.
    We brought in Quality players in the form of Cazorla and Podolski, Bring up youth like Oxlade. while you bring in Henderson, Carroll and Downing.
    If your team had no loyal players you would still support them.

  12. Chris Brown says:

    I’d rather be a fan of the 18th place team than be a fan of even the 1st place team if my team had loyal players..How does it feel your best players leaving the club? Our captain was a fan of Liverpool ever since he was a kid..His family member even died in the stadium accident.

  13. Filipe0410 says:

    Who called for AW’s head? i didn’t I’m a big fan of AW and support Arsenal no matter what.
    Your team is laughable.
    Get a life? coming from someone called ‘hoolygan4ever’ and uses the words ‘cocksucker’ you must be a Liverpool chav on the dole.

  14. Hoolygan4ever says:

    Liverpool. But here’s the thing though, we still support our team and manager no matter what, but i’d really like to see you calling for AW’s head when he losses a match. Like that 2-8. You’re absolutely laughable, get a life kid

  15. Filipe0410 says:

    So who’s closer to Championship football? Arsenal or Liverpool?

  16. Hoolygan4ever says:

    I’m not even going to bother telling you that you’re clueless cocksucker. Oh, what do you know, i guess i just did

  17. Filipe0410 says:

    Just saw this comment now, LOL hows 18th place so far?

  18. cassanbleu says:

    Stevie G. the big boss !!

  19. daz10x says:

    Liverpool are going down

  20. Michael Bethell says:

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  21. who8allthepies says:

    agood win for the arsenal 2-1 .

  22. Michael Bethell says:

    orange order scratch your new cars to make money out of you

  23. hetfieldd98 says:

    1:20 Moves like Jagger 😀 😀 😀

  24. 77cocopop says:

    Then he joins Man Utd

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