Santi Cazorla | Welcome to Arsenal FC | Goals and Skills 2012

Movie Ranking: four / 5

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25 Responses to Santi Cazorla | Welcome to Arsenal FC | Goals and Skills 2012

  1. haizV says:

    Wht song?

  2. Stanley Hughes says:

    This guy called it before everyone else said he was amazing

  3. indianjit1 says:

    Good Player

  4. TheEffect95 says:

    Sensational player. Has an brilliant array of short and long passing, has an great shot on him, free-kick specialist, and is equally brilliant on both his right and left foot. Hard to say which one is better. Awesome player.

  5. Khin David says:

    top player for arsenal, uses both feet and look for amazing passes. quality signing from arsene

  6. UTDfan96 says:

    this video is not about santi cazorla coming to arsenal !!!
    and the song sucks really badly

  7. Adr3amwithinadr3am says:

    yh i think i know that lol

  8. Michael Bethell says:

    orange order scratch your new cars to make money out of you

  9. ikbenfereydon says:

    HAHA !

  10. Adr3amwithinadr3am says:

    he is at Barcelona

  11. kacklat jupkat says:


  12. snarkey5 says:

    thats a good boy, now run along and play with ur toys while the adults discuss football, son

  13. t0rlma says:

    lol yep

  14. jackrhys98 says:

    Mate you know shit about any team, you don’t know anything about man city and you support them and well your just a glory supporter, I have supported Manchester united all my life as my dad does and I have never looked back, doesn’t matter if your team wins or loses its commitment like you said and this is a great player the new cesc for arsenal

  15. aledobretociastko says:

    His appearance made me think he’d rather join Liverpool, but then I realized he’s a great footballer.

  16. snarkey5 says:

    now u listen here son, i’m one of the best citeh fans ever!!! i saw 4 of their games last year on tv an brought the replica kit, now u listen close, son, when the rock enters the buliding…it doesn’t matter when the rock enters the building

  17. AlwaysSunny35 says:

    Hahaha alright i admit it now… you got me… i didnt really read the other comments… still being a bit of a dick though. trolling is just annoying.

  18. AlwaysSunny35 says:

    hahahahahahaha thats hilarious. you cant be considered a true fan at all. i think you are just trying to troll people. cause nobody could be that much of a fair weather fan. Learn a thing or 2 about football and narrow down your choices on experience, not money or current success.

  19. snarkey5 says:

    haha i reel them in like fish loool

  20. XOlleyX says:

    it’s funny, the other guy thinks you’re serious xD any sensible person can tell that you’re joking… The other guy is a disappointment to me 😛

  21. snarkey5 says:

    haha now listen up son, i fucking i love psg, they’re my team too, been supporting them for like a couple weeks now. now listen here, the rock doesn’t give a damn who wins, its about pride and commitment for me, liverpool and man utd are my fav teams baby

  22. Mattis659 says:

    hahaha that made me crack GO GUNNERS!

  23. Mattis659 says:

    cant wait to see him in action!

  24. AlwaysSunny35 says:

    You can have a soft spot for Man Utd is you are a “citeh” fan. and there is no way in hell you can like both ManUre and Liverpool. Thats like liking the red sox and yankees. not possible. Winner picker… why dont you go support P$G too?

  25. wishywashy95 says:

    When Dzeko scored the last minute winner to win City the title? Hahaha, some City fan you are! You don’t even know who scored the most famous goal in your little club’s history!

    You’ve been supporting City for 4 months? How convenient. You probably have a soft spot for United and Liverpool because they were the teams you “supported” before!

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