Arsenal: Top of the Rock!

Video clip Ranking: 4 / five

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17 Responses to Arsenal: Top of the Rock!

  1. BrotherMouzone says:

    Looks more like a school field trip

  2. Shuvas Rayamajhi says:

    Its not the same without poldi

  3. FeedTheTrolz mate says:

    Szczeny looks chilled 24/7

  4. Manusia Ganteng says:

    The lack of maturity of szczesny is worrying

  5. Ben B says:


  6. Jamie Ayres says:

    Nice that they let the work experience guy do the filming.

  7. mestrada19 says:

    I love Szczesny lol

  8. Adnan Ethiopia says:

    We want to see more long videos

  9. Ali Osman says:

    Haha sczesny! I do the same thing on trains 

  10. xBenJooo says:

    Are they training at all for the upcoming season, or….?

  11. yuireave says:

    Szczesny boss

  12. aergdr says:

    Its amazing how no one knew them

  13. lolstormzify says:

    Camerawork from a 2002 gangster movie.

  14. bengimom98 says:

    why is arsenal fc on a coach has our transfer buys made a difference

  15. Dimas Dwinovanto says:

    Does anyone know the name of the song?

  16. romario gayle says:


  17. 9LivesGamer says:

    Does anyone know when the match kicks off and where to watch it (I’m from

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