Lukas Podolski appearance dropeed in League

The German forward of Arsenal, Lukas Podolski has went from making 33 league appearances for Arsenal during his debut season for the team of Arsene Wenger to dropping down to 20 appearances and now has only played in 3 matches.

With the recoveries of Theo Walcott and Olivier Giroud it does not seem like the future of Lukas Podolski will be changing anytime soon as the German attacker is mostly being used as an impact substitute player but his influence at the Emirates Stadium has dropped enormously since he joined Arsenal a few years ago.

Due to Podolski not playing a very influential role for Arsene Wenger, it was rumored that Podolski was going to be sold in the January transfer window in order to create funds to sign other players and release from the club fringe players but it has now been revealed by Wenger that he has no intentions of selling the German forward or releasing him.

“It is not established at all that he will leave at Christmas.It is me who sets the price and (the reported deal) doesn’t correspond at all to his price. He is not for sale and there is no offer.Podolski plays a position where there is a big competition’’ Arsene Wenger told the media as he responded to questions concerning the situation and future of Lukas Podolski.

Even if you don’t take into consideration some of the attacking players that are completing or have recently completed recovering from their respective injuries, there also is a list of offensive player that Podolski would have to compete against in order to have a fair shot of being consistently chosen by Arsene Wenger and utilizing in his starting XI lineup which includes: Danny Welbeck, Alexis Sanchez, YayaSanogo, Joel Campbell and Oxlade-Chamberlain.

Lukas Podolski is well-aware of all the competition that he will have to face in order to have any chance of performing consistently for Arsenal and the German attacker displayed his frustration for his lack of matches in the Premier League club as he said:

“I’ve spent the last four months making brief appearances. I’ve had to wrap myself up warm in my winter coat with my hat and scarf on to watch the others playing.I would rather show Arsenal what I am capable of, but this chance to show what I can do is not being given to me.I want to play football for many years to come so am I meant just to say everything’s fine and sit my contract out?””Anything is possible nowadays. You can’t rule anything out.” Lukas Podolski said as he stated that there is a real possibility of joining another club soon if things continue how they are going in Arsenal.

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