Arsenal Tour 2013 – The Partners Edit

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15 Responses to Arsenal Tour 2013 – The Partners Edit

  1. Ross Thomas says:

    Next year come to Australia

  2. Ali Osman says:

    Where are the vids at lads post some training sessions

  3. Damanta Pasha says:


  4. Dom Dolo says:

    Wenger has all the bitches

  5. Kay says:

    Walcott loves that camera

  6. Drummer4life4ever827 says:

    What was gazidis doing out on this tour instead of being in england trying
    to get deals done?

  7. arsenal290597 says:

    Gazidis is a cunt

  8. DistinctionDave says:

    Was… was Arsene smiling just then? I didn’t think he smiled.

  9. Jamie Thomson says:

    Ivan gazidis….fuck off

  10. Godlee Barnes says:


  11. Laurent Koscielny says:

    Ozil lool.

  12. SaMzzYii says:

    Make this the official channel

  13. Ayalav3 says:


  14. Andrew Crichton says:


  15. Alex says:

    Instead of signing shirts Wenger should sign players.

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