Arsenal VS Manchester United 1-2 1080p HD

Movie Score: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Arsenal VS Manchester United 1-2 1080p HD

  1. michaelhovm963 says:

    so many bad misses 

  2. superdaredevil96 says:

    everytime i want to watch some highlights, i always either get one with music or a fucking foreign commentater!!

  3. philipeafroboy1 says:

    If Valencia isn’t Utd standard, then Ashley Young and Nani definitely aren’t either…as well as most wingers in the world right now

  4. TheMadsebu says:

    dafuq did i just read?

  5. NirvanaClockwork says:

    fifa music?  really?

  6. Arafa MUFC says:

    Hehehe soooo true….

  7. chrisupra says:

    Why are these videos ruined with music

  8. Rawr Bewbz says:

    OUCH jones’ rolled ankle

  9. duohuo34 says:

    you dont know anything about football

  10. Aerenmerksmw2 says:

    united r the bes at counter atacking seriously look at what we did to arsenal in CL n prem

  11. Nathanbmajor7 says:

    United got schooled in the art of counter attacking there… still deserved to win this on the balance of play though.

  12. IrishRu5T says:

    yawn….take off the red tinted glasses you muppett. He’s a decent player, but is nowhere as good as Kancheskis,Becks,OGS or Ronaldo.To compare to our rivals?Nasri. Hazard. Cazorla. Alexis. Di Maria. Moura. Robben. Everyone has a different opinion,but he’ll never be classes anywhere near them. Its alright though. Give him 3 years and we’ll have Janujaz and Cole tearing down the wing.

  13. IrishRu5T says:

    Um…AntoV is a right winger mate…..

  14. josevanreyes says:

    But he made up for it right away. Giroud didn’t.

  15. ViPxUnToUcHaBlE says:

    either way he’s not a fan i would want supporting United . Valencia in my oppinion has been Uniteds best winger over the last 2 seasons.

  16. Michael Bethell says:

    orange order scratch your new cars cto make money out of you

  17. MrWertalek says:

    super film super match MANCHESTER ROCKS!!!

  18. Carlos Vázquez says:

    trolling ?? that guy is just stupid …

  19. SimplisticSound says:

    Valencia is a beast!

  20. teambringit95 says:

    its weird how people give giroud stick for missing that sitter vs sunderland when he was on his weak foot, but van persie missed an easier sitter on his strong foot……

  21. jesmesHD94 says:

    copied what?

  22. RunescapePKZ10 says:

    You Copied….

  23. bozzun says:

    RVP was already in contact with Fergie when he missed that sitter.

  24. jahedur123456 says:

    nani makes me laugh somtimes with his mistakes but he’s a good player

  25. in10forever says:

    Uhh. I can agree with him on some way, but he was way off on several other things.

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