Olivier Giroud signs for Arsenal | Scout Report

Movie Score: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Olivier Giroud signs for Arsenal | Scout Report

  1. AlbertusArcturuz says:

    Arsenal next season Premier League.. Play 38 Win 31 Draw 7 Lose 0 = 98 points..
    Top Scorer : 39 Olivier Giroud 25 Alex Chamberlain 21 Santi Cazorla
    Top Assist : 17 Jack Wilshere 12 Mikel Arteta 10 Aaron Ramsey

    Trophy :
    UEFA Champion League, English Premier League, Community Shield,
    English League Cup, FA Cup, World Club Cup, Emirates Cup.

  2. AlbertusArcturuz says:

    Silver ?? Silva ??

  3. OmKrAz says:

    i did not realise your name lol soz

  4. iamjhw says:

    Looking like NICKY B is staying put! #smh

  5. 1995ou1996 says:

    Why sign Debuchy if you have Sagna ?

  6. ahmedwalid123 says:

    I’m a Real Madrid fan and I really hope to see him wearing our shirt but… I think he’s closer to manchester city. I dont even know why do they want him, they have like.. the best strikers ever!

  7. NEdR8 says:

    van persie……… 🙁

  8. studmalexy says:

    Yeah..its probably been known this whole time that Van Persie has been leaving..Wenger probably wanted it kept on the hush hush till the deal went through…hope we get him for a good price and I hope he goes to real Madrid or PSG or some place like that..anywhere but City(where they have Silva, Dzeko, Aguero, Tevez, Adebayor….greedy bastards)

  9. El Rey says:

    Erase RVP and put Giroud

  10. studmalexy says:

    oh..I just read on BBC Van Persie aint signing new contract..keep him for a year or just sell him now? will you doa vid on that.

    IMO..just sell him if we get the right offer. He will be 29 when his deal finishes anyway.

  11. MessiMinutes says:

    We’re actually filming a video on it tomorrow, so you’ll see what I think in about a week 🙂

  12. studmalexy says:

    what do you think of the fact England are now ranked 4th in FIFA rankings??

    Do you think its time to do away with the rankings system(just scrap meaningless friendly games) and have a system based on points/positions in tournaments(similar to the tennis rankings which have proven to be highly accurate)?

    With a soccer ranking similar to the ATP tennis system..England would be more realistically ranked anywhere between 10th and 16th.(since they only get about half way in any major tournament).

  13. ahmedwalid123 says:

    Sorry dude but V.Persie said that he’s leaving, that means that he’ll be playing instead of v.persie not beside him

  14. MessiMinutes says:

    You must be new here 😛
    We’re an Arsenal-focused football show “MessiMinutes”. We use that shirt in most of our intros. Hopefully we’ll have an Arsenal shirt with Messi on the back soon!

  15. OmKrAz says:

    “giroud has signed for arsenal” Lionel Messi shirt… hmmmm

  16. arrow1archer says:

    Why do you hold a kids shirt with messi on the back

  17. xXgypsyCLxX says:

    We should try and sign mats hummels (quality defender)

  18. Mastoloni1 says:

    its now only a 4 horse race to the title. Both Manchester’s, Chelsea, and Arsenal. Great signing. Really pissed Liverpool didn’t even make an attempt to go after him. I hope this Huntelaar deal works out, or if we get the kid from Swansea.

  19. SverigeDax says:

    cool story joel

  20. YOUNGMr1996 says:

    Hope we get huntelaar and play suarez at RW, but i will just have to wait and see what happens. 

  21. studmalexy says:

    good point..if we can get 30-35+ million for Van Persie then the club will def sell imo.

    Giroud is younger and is a proven goalscorer and will probably get 20+ league goals(if he starts) again with service from the midfield.

  22. MessiMinutes says:

    I’m absolutely amazed that for around £10m Liverpool didn’t even seemingly attempt to sign Giroud. Class player, and exactly what Liverpool need (because they weren’t really that bad at the back, just Suarez isn’t particularly an out and out striker but was relied on as one). Hopefully M’Vila is next to sort out our defensive issues! 🙂

  23. studmalexy says:

    Silver is a really good player..lol

  24. YOUNGMr1996 says:

    you have signed 2 players already, im a lfc fan and so far we havent signed any1 looks like top 4 is out of our reach for the next 3 seasons. Man city, man utd, chelsea and arsenal are all guaranteed to be in the top 4. Sad times for Liverpool FC. Good day for you gunners fans.

  25. MessiMinutes says:

    Giroud has signed for Arsenal! Another brilliant Wenger signing, the days of having to rely on Bendtner are over.

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