Liverpool 1 Arsenal 2 – 03.03.12

Video clip Score: four / 5

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25 Responses to Liverpool 1 Arsenal 2 – 03.03.12

  1. KopTalkOfficial says:

    English, you should try it.

  2. akuanokpokmat says:

    What the hell r u talking

  3. gaiuskaiser2 says:

    Suarez is a diving disgrace

  4. gaiuskaiser2 says:

    We scored your only goal 

  5. gaiuskaiser2 says:


  6. campandmove says:

    and we bought them for 100 million with change to buy torres. LOL

  7. KopTalkOfficial says:

    clearly not enough as I do believe they won the game

  8. chanceie12 says:

    not impressed? we destroyed arsenal

  9. Henrydec says:

    Agree, guys like Carroll, Henderson, Adam, Downing have been total waste of money. To me, all 4 of them are only worth a total of 20 million, that would be the fair price.

  10. Henrydec says:

    Kenny wasted over 100 million on bums like Carroll, Henderson, Downing and Adam. They are all overpriced average players. Though our defence and attack are decent, our finishing is poor. Suarez and Carroll pair is not working. We need to sign a clinical finisher in the next window if we can get one now that CL football is out for another season.

  11. damodongo says:

    Diuff, biscan, zeiger, barmby, cisse, diao, kewell, babb, kvarme, collymore, riera, josemi, Gonzalez, pennant, heskey, cole, konchesky, triaore, westerveld, Kirkland, dudek, Stewart,

  12. damodongo says:

    It would be worth paying the best scout around 20 mil a season rather than waste our money every fucking season am sick to death of it. We must have one of the worst transfer records ever were a fucking laffin stock

  13. damodongo says:

    Let’s face reality. Liverpool have been badly run for the past 20 years, shit buy after shit buy, with no sign of a stadium being built. now 2012, an wer in the same situation as 2002 and 1992. Shit players, shit scouts, and nowhere good enough to win the league. The new owners when they arrived spoke of how we have wasted money in the past and vowed not to waste money like this again and buy wisely. Then they go out and waste our money on total shit

  14. damodongo says:

    Players have right attitude but just aren’t gud enuff, until we start spending our money wisely instead of splashing out on utter shite we won’t get into champions league. Even Suarez is fucking annoying these days, never thought I’d say that.

  15. MakaveliWiklund says:

    tell me how much downing cost

  16. banter1991 says:

    Agree with you Dunc, about the league being our priority, but I feel with 4th place almost out of reach, the fa cup should be main focus now, I think for next season we’re just in need of a goal poacher which can turn our dominant performances into some much needed points, hopefully with the pressure off now we can repeat the end of season perfomances similar to last year, this whole season has been a big settling in period and judgment should be made next season, keep the vids coming mate YNWA

  17. Markus Hrubenja says:

    I was actually very happy with the Liverpool performance,unlucky defeat,really I think we had the best 1st half in this season but RVP is something special.We just need a beast in front and we will be OK.Hopefully Carroll starts to play better…

  18. josh wickens says:

    Suarez brilliant. But still not what we need (we need a goalscorer, not a someone who plays crossbars) We need to get rid of Carroll, and worryingly short-term bellamy consistantly our best player… downing off and on

  19. SantaDeerhound says:

    Spearing is a grafter – but not league winning quality and never will be. He’s one of a few we’ve had since we last won it.

    Carragher should hang up his boots. Great servant etc but lost it about 18 months ago and his ability seemed to disappear virtually overnight. A shame but a fact nonetheless.

    We dominated the game but no composure in front of goal again. Kuyt, what was that follow up after the penalty about? I would have made better contact with that – wasted.

    Kelly how did you miss?

  20. cotch7 says:

    Liverpool have good players with great commitment but they can’t score, there’s just just not enough goals in the team. How many games have been bossed possession-wise with no end result? The penalty record is shocking this season.

  21. ThatRandomGuy3000 says:

    Need a striker that’s it… Kenny is he a premier league manager?

  22. HouseSteppaJuice says:

    We need a WC striker end of!

  23. 1981redredred says:

    I’m a red by the way , just wanted to point that out. YNWA

  24. 1981redredred says:

    CHELSEA ! What on earth is happening . Chelsea have sacked Andre Villas-Boas. What a crock of shite ! Sorry but , I don’t get it ! What ever happened to giving the new gaffa time . Oh dear . Honestley ! To build a great winning side takes time. shocker . It’s not just Chelsea it’s been a number of clubs including Liverpool who don’t give that tome to the newbe. DAFT ! If only we could go back 20 years !?
    sad days

  25. louislpool says:

    Feel sorry for hendo because he plays in rm when he is a cm he gets played in to many postions and i dont think you can do that with a young player, who has just been bought for a lot of money and is under a lot of pressure

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