UEFA Champions League 2011-2012 – Top 10 Best Goals | HD

Movie Ranking: four / 5

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13 Responses to UEFA Champions League 2011-2012 – Top 10 Best Goals | HD

  1. iPrestigiatore says:

    Come hanno fatto a mettere dei non mi piace .__. comunque sono il vecchio Slinguazzzatore è.é

  2. kevin99942 says:

    i’ts Olympiacos not olympiakos learn the names

  3. larsbold33 says:


  4. TheGiova1204 says:

    2 goals BOATENG and 1 PATO. <3 MILAN

  5. KingOfChocolate95 says:

    kevin prince boateng <3

  6. muhamad Abdulqader says:

    worest video that i ever seen.

  7. Teixas941 says:

    rodrigos goal vs basileia is by far the best goal

  8. Kanali2HD says:

    pou akribos vlepeis to offside kai egw dn to vlepo?

  9. kevin99942 says:

    gia mena htane akoubaei o levandovski.dn einai tuxaio p se auto to mats egine ena xeri kai ena goal offside….

  10. Kanali2HD says:

    oxi den itane

  11. kevin99942 says:

    Kevin Grosskreutz goal was offside…

  12. RoBiiX7 says:

    Yes i know but now i write the list of the goals in the description… anyway thank for the advice:)

  13. Kanali2HD says:

    but i give you a pice of advice, please in videos like this (top 10, top 5 etc) write in down of the screen the scorer’s name and the team like this : 8. Lionel Messi vs Bayern Leverkuzen

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