The Arsenal FC Supreme (Arsenal Football Club) by ElAlonso

Video clip Ranking: 4 / five

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25 Responses to The Arsenal FC Supreme (Arsenal Football Club) by ElAlonso

  1. S7polevoy says:

    nice =)

  2. SayNo ToRacism says:

    no, he’s from Bangladesh

  3. GunnerOps57 says:

    Is only one team in mi heart
    Arsenal To the end!

  4. András Pál says:

    Thank you, Man…….

  5. Cykeepthefaith says:

    very nice video =)

  6. Manchester1314 says:

    Henry is the true legend.

  7. Wrestlingfan619619 says:

    how could Wenger turn his team from unbeatable season losing to no one the league to getting destoried 8-2 by United? Shocking simply shocking

  8. woto4u says:

    Come on U gunners

  9. AL1eN88 says:

    Arsenal Till I die .

  10. SelmanAndyyy175 says:


  11. malawihenk75 says:

    Damn those 5 Spurs fans

  12. ghurthuk says:

    so emotional!
    great job Man!

  13. LondonGamer986 says:

    1:26 two Legends walking out hand in hand!!!

  14. cesc93pl says:

    Ciarki na plecach. Do you understand me?

  15. woto4u says:

    why i wet in my pants?
    cool video

  16. shikharsrivastava7 says:


    1 billions indians behind you :3

  17. Jeroen Kap says:

    A-M-A-Z-I-N-G . Gunner4life!

  18. tamazi7 says:

    great vid 

  19. Brcaaal says:

    it’s such a shame, that this beautiful, nice, awesome video has only 10 000 watch… i’m fan of ManUtd, but this video is really greatest…

  20. shamelessxjuliet says:

    Man, you’re A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!
    I’ve been watching your videos all day, and they’re all flawless, really! They’re all earth-shattering, honestly, I’m not just saying that!
    This one is one of my favorites because I love Arsenal, they’re my favorite. <3 The song fits them perfectly! They're supreme, the best! I really hope Ramsey will be playing again soon because he's my favorite among them, but I love them all to pieces. <3
    Great job, I really hope you'll make some new videos soon! (:

  21. alphabravo119 says:

    2:34 gives me chilles =P

  22. mpstyle4live says:

    almost started to cry ….

  23. Gunner4Eva786 says:

    which idiots disliked this video maybe chelsea fans 🙂

  24. Gunner4Eva786 says:

    wow amazing video the editing is world class

  25. FuadHatem says:

    Best Video on Arsenal. I beg you to make a Video on Juventus.

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