Wenger on Stoke

Arsene Wenger said that he is expecting a tough game against Stoke City.

He said that they have not enjoyed a lot of success in this fixture throughout the years and that he is expecting it to be hard this time as well.

The French manager said that his team is still in the race for the Champions League qualification places and that he will never give up the fight until the season is over. He admitted that their fate is not in their own hands and that they will need to win all their remaining games and hope that the teams above them drop some points.

At the moment he said it is important for the players to focus on their result against Stoke City and not to worry about the performance of the opposition.

He said that he has no fresh injuries in the team and basically he will be choosing from the same group of players that won the game at Southampton. He is expecting a direct game from Stoke City, and he believes that his players should be ready for a fight if they want to win the three points.

Arsene Wenger said his players should remain focussed throughout the game and should not be giving possession cheaply. He is expecting that his side will be having the lion share of possession and that they will need to be wary of counter-attacks.

He said that this is the main reason why he switched to a three-man defence and believes that this will give a stability to the team especially in games like these.

The French manager said that it is up to the strikers to be efficient in front of goals and make sure they score early enough in order to open up the game.

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